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Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena Shopping

In Cartagena you’ll find unique emeralds, crafts, replicated pre-Colombian art and haute couture designed by Colombian designers.

Shopping Centers
If you’re looking to buy everything under one roof, you’ll find an amazing array of shopping malls. Of the most visited for Cartagena shopping is Caribe Plaza. This large complex houses 198 stores that sell clothing, housewares and products indigenous of Cartagena. It’s the second largest of the country. 
Trendy shoppers will be delighted with the selection of shops at the Pierino Gallo Shopping Mall. Tourists can find the latest clothing and accessories among the two stories of upscale venues. The renowned Greenfire Emeralds store is located on the second floor. Whether you’re in the market to buy emeralds or not, it’s worth a visit.
Another great choice for Cartagena shopping is Paseo de la Castellana. Visit the food court with its large selection of Colombian and Caribbean foods. Browse through the shops selling authentic mementos. Most shops stock colorful chivas. These are small replicas of buses carrying produce, animals and lots of people. 
Antique Shops
Antique lovers will love Cartagena shopping. La Comarca is one of the favorite haunts for those looking for treasures. However, this is a most unusual shop. Items recovered from shipwrecks have been restored and made into furniture pieces.
At Ruta de las Indias, you’ll find furnishings dating centuries back as well as replicas from colonial times. Clocks, jewelry, tea carts, gardening tools and table ware are among the many things you can purchase here.
Weekend markets as well as flea markets are popular among the locals and visitors alike. They’re great venues for the budget conscious or those looking for bargains. You may even find estate antiques at the weekend flea market. 
Specialty Shops
For the widest selection of handicrafts, visit las Bovedas. These vault-like shops are hidden away in narrow cobbled streets. They’re excellent establishments for Cartagena shopping and for buying pottery, paintings, textiles and embroideries.
A visit to Galeria Cano is something every visitor to Colombia should experience. It has gained world acclaim for its collection of museum quality pre-Colombian pieces. 
If you’re in the market for Colombia’s gems, make a beeline for Finas Esmeraldas Colombianas. It offers fine Cartagena shopping and an astounding selection of emeralds of all shapes and sizes.
Colombian leathers top the list of items visitors look for when Cartagena shopping. And you won’t be disappointed with the luggage, handbags, wallets and belts sold at Amos Cueros. 
But if you’re looking for designer leather jackets, vests and clothing, you better head out to Gabi Arenas where you’ll find the latest for Cartagena shopping.
Shopping for souvenirs can be stressful if you don’t know what to look for. But El Cacique is a large shop displaying authentic souvenirs. The friendly staff will assist you and explain what each item is and where it’s made. It’s a fine example of Cartagena shopping. 
Tip: The best representations of Cartagena are the small colonial balconies or colorful chivas. They’re excellent keepsakes.

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