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Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands

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Cayman Islands Attractions

One of the features that attract visitors to the Cayman Islands is the warmth of the climate and its people. It’s a vacationer’s paradise for those who enjoy the good life.

Bodden Town in Grand Cayman Island is an interesting site to visit. This four mile plus wall served as protection from pirate attacks. It’s sometimes called the “great wall of the Caribbean.”

Tip: Don’t miss the pirate attack re-enactments. The fireworks show is said to be a must see. These take place October and November.

This next Cayman Island attraction is quite unique. It’s known as the Ironshore Hell. It was named as such because it’s said to resemble what they think hell is like. This field is covered with black formations from remains of shells and corals. Some of the mummified sea forms date back twenty million years. They’ve become solid hence their eerie appearance.

The gingerbread cookie-like homes that dot the front of George Town harbor are a must see. They’re painted in pastel colors adding to the happy feeling that engulfs the Caymans.

The Pedro St. James House and Grounds are one of the important Cayman Island attractions. The mansion was built in the 19th century by Jamaican slaves who worked for a very rich English Lord. It was the only large house at that time causing a scandal among locals. Today you can visit and enjoy the gardens as well as furnishings from the period.

Museums and Galleries

The Cayman Islands National Museum will delight history, nature and art lovers alike. The people of the island have done a fine job in preserving their cultural heritage and traditions. This is reflected in the large selection of displays throughout. An interesting section of the museum is dedicated to what lies beneath the sea. The exhibit is testimony to the beauty of canyons and caves surrounding the islands. The gift shop sells authentic Caymanite jewelry. This is one of the best Cayman Islands attractions.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is ideal for viewing the best of American and British art. Several local artists have also made a name for themselves and display their works.

Nature and Activities
The Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park is truly a site not to be missed. Its two acres boast a wide selection of native flora. It’s also a habitat for endangered species. The Cayman blue iguana is one of them.

Scuba divers from all over the globe come to Grand Cayman for the world renowned North Wall. A Russian warship at the bottom of the ocean serves as one of the favorite diving Cayman Island attractions.

But if you enjoy snorkeling, try Stingray City. Move through the waters as these beautiful creatures grace you as they pass along.

For visitors who enjoy hiking, Mastic Trail offers one of the only remaining rain forests. The trail dates back to the 19th century. The walk is a most enjoyable experience and one of the top Cayman Island attractions.
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