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Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands

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Cayman Islands Overview

In the Western Caribbean sits a group of islands known as the Cayman Islands. Did you know that they’re synonymous with vacation paradise? Setting foot off the plane will be enough for you to understand why this group of islands deserves this title. Miles of beaches and calm turquoise waters will greet you as you’re driven to one of the many luxurious resorts.

It’s truly a good thing that Christopher Columbus made a fourth and last voyage to the New World for it was then that he discovered this jewel of the Caribbean. It’s not difficult to understand why millions of visitors flock to the Cayman Islands every year. Perhaps the warm tropical climate is one of the reasons, but when you find out about the array of cultural activities, fine dining, and shopping you’ll know they’re not just visiting because of the weather.

The Caymans are composed of three major islands: Grand Cayman, the Brac and Little Cayman. Each one boasts superb attractions and features every traveler enjoys.

Grand Cayman is a shopper’s destination. There are malls and small boutiques showcasing haute couture as well as original island wear. Best of all is that most everything is duty-free. That means you can buy more and save more. Walk along the Seven Mile Beach famous for white sandy beaches. Or drive through Georgetown Harbor as it’s said to look like a small town atop a cake. Grand Cayman’s North Wall is a world-renowned scuba diving location. This vertical drop into the ocean offers amazing caves and canyons. There’s even a Russian warship at the bottom. It makes for great exploration.

The Brac is the perfect escape for nature lovers. It offers the most diverse landscapes of all the Cayman Islands. A dominating formation stretches across and drops straight down into the ocean. It’s a dramatic site. Divers can enjoy the two shipwrecks beneath the depths of the Caribbean. They’re quite interesting to see.

Little Cayman also boasts a renowned diving site. Bloody Bay Marine Park is said to be one of the best in the world. The variety of marine life is quite astonishing.

The Cayman Islands are home to superb snorkeling locations. The waters’ depths account for large schools of colorful fish. Tourists may even swim with stingrays.

Other than water sports, Cayman Islands have much to offer. Mastic Trail is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying one of the last remaining rainforests. Go bird-watching or learn about the species of animals inhabiting this part of the world.

Art and culture are also at the top of Cayman Islands’ best features. Museums relate the history and traditions of its people. Galleries showcase works of British, American and local artists.

And not enough can be said about Cayman Islands’ cuisine. Its gastronomy is a combination of Jamaican and West Indies cooking. Award winning chefs from a slew of countries have made the Cayman Islands their home. Therefore visitors can discover a broad selection of restaurants.

This can certainly be one of your favorite destinations.

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