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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Christchurch Overview

If you’re considering a vacation in South Island, don’t hesitate; pack your camera, and visit the most amazing Island of New Zealand. If you are a thrill seeker, South Island is the place for you. There’s every possible activity you can imagine like bungee jumping and sky diving to name a few. If you’re a snow sports enthusiast, South Island is a must, with incredible ski resorts and amazing glaciers for ice surface climbing, explorations and even aerial sightseeing. This New Zealand Island is a top destination and the “adventure capital of the world.” But wait; don’t discard a visit to this Island of paradise if you are not a thrill seeker. Adventure comes in different forms and this Island offers something for every type of visitor. Home to beautiful golf courses, serene lakes and breathtaking views, it’s a great place to relax. It’s also a great place to enjoy fabulous galleries and museums boasting the best of the regions’ art and history; shop for the most amazing and creative jewelry or the world renowned merino wool sweaters.

Visitors are usually attracted to certain places of South Island, as they boast great weather and have numerous places of interest. Christchurch is one of these places with a fascinating museum, and beautiful botanical gardens.

Queenstown is another main tourist site of South Island, and a photographer’s dream. It’s known for its beautiful lakes and National Parks. The city is surrounded by mountains, said to be envied around the world. Ski fans usually frequent its two great ski resorts, and it’s also a great place for jet boating, skydiving and river surfing among others. But Queenstown is also a great place to visit art galleries or shop for specialties created by regional South Island artists. For visitors seeking something different, who perhaps would like to see amazing wildlife while relaxing on a cruise, or would like to partake in one of the many eco sensitive tours, Dunedin is a great destination of South Island.

If you’re wondering about the cuisine of this New Zealand Island, it offers a varied and outstanding quality of food. You’ll find everything from incredible seafood to all sorts of meats like venison, lamb, duck, pork and more. There are wonderful regional cuisine restaurants at all price levels, as well as great international eateries offering everything from Greek to American food; variety is the main ingredient of South Island gastronomy.

There are other places, though less frequented, just as amazing like Milford Sound. This destination is a well-kept secret, a jewel in the South Island crown, a place of beauty and serenity, boasting great waterfalls on the mountainside that make their way into this inlet of the sea. Its lakes are said to mirror the surrounding islands, cliffs and tall peaks.

And then you have the glaciers of the West Coast that are really slow moving rivers, another example of the amazing beauty that is characteristic of South Island.

A South Island vacation will leave you relaxed and re-energized. It’s an experience you will never forget.

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