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Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Cincinnati Overview

Cincinnati is much more than a mid-sized city located in the state of Ohio.  This amazing city is home to the largest historic district in the country and includes major professional sports teams, noteworthy architecture and world-class festivals.  Cincinnati is also known for its unique foods and wide selection of shopping opportunities. 

Cincinnati is always expanding.  Its continuous growth is evidenced in the new museums that have recently opened.  Furthermore, current projects include the construction of large shopping centers and restaurants.   

Cincinnati is the host of major events year round.  The most popular is the flower festival, which happens to be the largest indoor flower show in the country.  Cincinnati also celebrates its German heritage by putting on an outstanding Oktoberfest.  It is said to be the second largest in the world.  And to commemorate a long riverboat history, Cincinnati puts on the Tall Stacks festival.  In Cincinnati, there’s always something fun going on. 

Cincinnati’s heritage can also be seen in the magnificence of the town’s design.  The area of downtown alone boasts a unique collection of 19th century German architecture.  It’s not only the biggest in the United States, but it’s listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. 

Cincinnati is a favorite destination for sports aficionados.  At venues like Paul Brown Stadium and the Great American Ball Park, fans can watch their professional teams practice or play a game.  The city’s major league team was named after the first baseball professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

Cincinnati is also ideal for vacationers who love to spend a day at a museum or a gallery.  At the Museum of Natural History for example, visitors can go back to the ice age and travel through time into the present.  

When visiting the sites, visitors can enjoy landmarks and icons of astounding beauty and historical significance.  They can visit institutions that boast extensive collections of works of art, decorative artifacts, and regionally important relics.

Cincinnati is famous for its tasty chili.  No other place in the United States celebrates this “comfort food” as this city does.  It’s typically served in large bowls and topped with melted cheese.  Aside from chili, Cincinnati offers all types of food including Bavarian gastronomy with specialties like schnitzels and sausages.  Additionally, award winning venues offer tourists the best American and International fare.   

If you like to shop, you’ll find that Cincinnati offers out of the ordinary specialty stores as well as major malls so there’s definitely no shortage of retail opportunities.   Travelers, for example, can buy leather bound collectible books.  You simply won’t find finer selections elsewhere. 

When it comes to outdoor activities, Cincinnati is at the top of the list.  You can go ice-skating, take a cruise on the Ohio River, visit the zoo or have a picnic near a famous fountain.  Winters are cool with occasional snowfall, which means you can enjoy nature any month of the year. 

It’s no wonder the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow referred to Cincinnati as the “Queen City of the West.” 


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