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Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

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Cocoa Beach Attractions

Cocoa Beach is ideal if you’re looking to relax, eat great food, enjoy the nightlife, gaze into the stars, soak up the sunrays and shop around the clock.  There’s no end to the various activities you’ll find here.

With so many activities you’ll find that there’s always something fun to do.  Don’t miss the Cocoa Beach Skate Park which features a unique street course.  So even if you’re not into the sport, you’ll have a great time watching those talented individuals who perform amazing maneuvers on skates. 

Visitors and locals enjoy taking a stroll on the Cocoa Beach Pier.  It’s one of the most popular Cocoa Beach attractions.  This historical landmark spans 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean and showcases a wide selection of restaurants, shops and even select fishing spots.     

Tip:  Stick around on Friday evenings for “Boardwalk Bash”.  Sip a cocktail while listening to live entertainment. 

And if you’re a golfer, don’t miss the Cocoa Beach Country Club fairways.  They were designed and built by Charles Ankrom in 1968.  You’ll find the Dolphin Course to be among the top Cocoa Beach attractions with its impressive slopes. 

But if you want to get close to nature, Cocoa Beach has specialized tours.  These are specifically designed for those who want to study and observe the diversity of Florida’s wild life.  Visitors will get to see alligators, endangered manatees and hundreds of species of birds. 

Cocoa Beach offers 300 days of clear skies.  So if you like to indulge in star gazing, the observatory at the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium is the ideal place to go.  It’s also one of the state’s largest planetariums.  There are laser and sound shows as well as a museum you’ll want to see.  It pays homage to all the men and women from around the world who have participated in space exploration.  It’s an interesting Cocoa Beach attraction. 

And of course you’ll want to tour the Kennedy Space Center.  It’s the perfect venue to learn about America’s space program.  It’s at the top of the frequently visited Cocoa Beach attractions giving travelers more than 220 square miles to explore.  You can start with the enormous vehicle assembly center.  It was built to house the Saturn V Rockets which are twice the size of New York’s Empire State building.  You can also view the Gallery of Rockets which includes a replica of the Space shuttle Orbiter.  And over the loud speakers you’ll hear the voice of James Lovell who was a commander of the Apollo 11 mission.  His voice will guide you through the exhibits.  You’ll also be able to hear Houston’s mission control. 

Ron Jon Surf Shop is not just a store.  It’s an icon among Cocoa Beach attractions.  It’s a 52,000 square foot paradise for shoppers, especially surfing enthusiasts.  It’s beautifully designed with an interior waterfall and modern glass elevators.  There’s a museum housing unique exhibits relating everything about the sport.  And if you have time, step out behind the shop and see the beautiful sculpture gardens.  

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