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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen Attractions

There are so many enjoyable Copenhagen attractions that it’s likely you’ll want to return a few more times in order to see everything. Check out the vast number of museums, landmarks and historic icons on your next visit. 

If you start your tour of the Copenhagen attractions, the Glyptoteket Museum is ideal for a whole day’s visit.  It was completed in 1888 and features an impressive exotic plant conservatory.  This establishment is home to works by Impressionist artists like Monet and treasures from the Far East, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome.  Several of the ceremonial salons which you can also view are used today for concerts and lectures.

Another very interesting venue you won’t want to miss among the array of Copenhagen attractions is the Museum of Applied Arts.  Visitors can see a wide selection of handicrafts that date to the Middle Ages up through present.  There’s everything from china to jewelry.  And if you’re in Copenhagen during summer, you’ll want to catch a theater performance. 

The National Museum which was finished in 1746 and used as the Prince’s Palace is not to be missed either.  Its exhibit halls are divided into periods of history including prehistoric times, Medieval Age, Renaissance and 18th Century.  If you enjoy Inui Art, you’ll find a revered collection said to be the largest in the world. 

And the Royal Cast Collections is one of the unique Copenhagen attractions.  It displays 2,000 casts of masterpieces dating from 2500 BC until 1600 AD.  It includes giant size sphinxes and the temples of the Acropolis.  It’s truly a must see.

Landmarks and Icons
Rundetarn was once an observatory; now it’s one of the icons of Copenhagen attractions.  This round shaped tower was built between 1637 and 1642.  If you go up to the top, you’ll have magnificent vistas of the city.  

Den Lille Haufrue is one of the most famous Copenhagen attractions.  It’s the statue of a little mermaid sitting atop a rock overlooking the harbor.  It was built by Edward Eriksen in 1913 as inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. 

If you love the mystique and elegance of castles, you’ll have a great time touring Rosenborg.  To say it’s ornate and decadent is not enough.  It was constructed in 1606 for the Danish King to use as a summer residence.  Tourists can walk through the rooms and see the diversity of luxurious furnishings as well as the Royal Jewel collection.

Of all the Copenhagen attractions, the Marble Church (Frederikskirke) ranks as one of the architectural marvels.  It took 100 years to complete this church as it was supposed to rival the majesty of St. Peter’s in Rome.  It features one of the largest copper domes worldwide.  It also showcases an impressive number of statues of world and religious leaders as well as important Danish Ministers. 

Borsen is Copenhagen’s stock exchange.  It really is a Copenhagen attraction, not just a place for business.  Its structure is one of the most spectacular and ancient in the city.  It dates to 1620 when Copenhagen was set to compete against financial centers like Amsterdam. 

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