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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen Dining

Dining in Copenhagen is a food lover’s dream come true.  With a reputation for meriting the biggest number of Michelin Stars from all Nordic countries, you’ve come to the right city to dine. 

A Regal Smorgasbord
Cafeteria style service is common for dining in Copenhagen.  At Slotskaelderne Restaurant, everything is of such culinary quality that even the king and queen of Denmark used to come here for dinner.  The Danish wood décor with golden walls makes the venue elegant without being too ornate.  There are old photographs that date to the 1700s featured on the walls.  It’s then when this fabulous establishment began serving exquisite Copenhagen fare.  The marinated salmon covered with tiny shrimp is among the favorites.  But if you’re looking to try a typical dish, the open face sandwich with smoked eel and eggs is said to be the best. 

Another superb option for dining in Copenhagen is Ida Davidsen Restaurant.  It ranks among the top spots for savoring the famous open sandwich with the longest list of available toppings.  And when it comes to the selections available in buffet style, you’ll be amazed.  There are about 250 to choose from.  You know that the food is excellent for still today the Royal Family frequents it for lunch or dinner. 

If you enjoy beautiful architecture and outstanding gastronomy, Kong Hans Kaelder will impress you.  It’s housed in the oldest building of the city.  It boasts a Medieval Age ambience featuring furnishings and décor from that period.  Patrons rave about the personalized service and friendly atmosphere.  It’s ideal for a celebration or a romantic night out.  The most liked courses include roasted monk fish and Danish short loin steak.   

Tip:  After the meal, you’ll want to see the cheese cart which showcases a nice variety of mature cheeses from all over Europe.  It’s a nice way to end a great meal. 

At Godt, only twenty guests are served at one time.  This unique restaurant is the most sought out for dining in Copenhagen.  The menu changes every day and focuses on what’s available at the market.  The prices are somewhat high, but you’ll find the food well worth it.  Signature meals include haute cuisine with emphasis on the use of a variety of herbs and spices to create unusual sauces.  Certain dishes are constants on the menu and well liked by everyone.  Among these are the Norwegian red fish and the roasted rack of hare.  And you’ll have to leave room for dessert, for the list is impressive and fabulously decadent.  

Era Ora is Italian, but different from anything you’ve eaten.  You’ll find that dining in Copenhagen “a la Era Ora” is an experience.  Chef Fabio takes you on a gastronomic journey with small dishes.  It allows you to sample every delight that Italy has to offer.  Every petite entrée is prepared to perfection.  From the mini antipasto to the pastas, you won’t complain about size.  The succession of courses will leave even the biggest appetites more than satisfied. 


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