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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen Overview

Copenhagen is considered by many to be the most amazing city in the Scandinavian terriroties.  Year after year, Copenhagen has been awarded for being “the most attractive place to live,” “world’s best designed city”, “the greenest” and “the most pedestrian and bicycle friendly.” It’s known for having the best metro worldwide and has even been referred to as “the coolest” of all capitals.  This Danish gem has a great cultural scene and plenty to offer.  It should be on everyone’s list of places to see. 

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city best appreciated on foot or even bicycle.  But if walking is not the ideal for you, Copenhagen boasts a state of the art transportation system.  You’ll want to see every one of its districts as each is unique and has a different personality.  The oldest part of Copenhagen for instance is known as the Medieval City which features the impressive Amalienborg Palace, and an array of mansions dating back to the 18th century.  Copenhagen’s beauty is seen throughout in the abundance of big green spaces as well as astounding architecture.  King’s gardens are a prime example of magnificent landscaping from the 17th century.  And the Frederiksberg Lawns are almost 80 acres of breathtaking scenery, large colonies of herons, and romantic corners. Copenhagen even has nice beaches for sunbathing.  

Copenhagen has also been known as a major cultural Mecca.  Its vast number of museums boast international outstanding collections that date centuries back.  The National Gallery is one of the most visited attractions in Copenhagen and showcases the works of masters like Rubens and Rembrandt to name a few. 
Copenhagen is always growing and improving.  Just this year a new Concert Hall will open and will be the home of the Denmark National Symphony Orchestra, the Opera, the Royal Danish Theater and the Royal Danish Ballet. 

In Copenhagen, there’s no shortage of entertainment.  Jazz is a favorite along with Hip-Hop.  Nightclubs and discos abound and tourists can stroll through the streets at night while enjoying free performances by jugglers and musicians.  

Travelers with children can enjoy the wonderful amusement parks.  They feature the oldest ferries wheel and roller coasters in the world as well as some of the most exhilarating rides anywhere.  The most popular are the Tivoli Gardens and Dyrehavsbarkken Park. 

Copenhagen is also a world icon when it comes to dining.  As of 2008, the city received the highest number of Michelin Stars of any Scandinavian country.  But tourists need not worry about affordability as there’s everything from deluxe restaurants to modest bistros.  And while on your vacation you’ll want to sample one of the finest beers made in the world.  Copenhagen is home to Carlsberg and a sprout of other superb micro-breweries. 

Copenhagen will also impress those who love to shop.  Danish designers are making their mark in the fashion world.  And of course, there’s the renowned Royal Copenhagen porcelain china.  It’s still made following the highest standards of quality and tradition.


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