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Costa del Sol, Spain

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Costa del Sol Attractions

Costa del Sol is the most visited region in Southern Spain. This doesn’t mean that it’s crowded. On the contrary -  its long stretch of beach beginning in Malaga down to Gibraltar boasts some of the best and most relaxing destination spots in Europe. Costa del Sol is also known for its boardwalks, known in Spanish as “paseos maritimos”. Visitors can find beach side restaurants, bars and nightclubs all along the paseos. The Costa del Sol has also become popular for its number of golf courses as well as water parks and magnificent marinas. And for those who wish to enjoy a pampered vacation, Costa del Sol boasts some of the best spas in Europe.

Most visitors fail to visit Malaga. Don’t make this mistake, as you could miss a very important Costa del Sol attraction, the Old Quarter.

In the Old Quarter you’ll find an impressive cathedral built in 1528. Its interior is a combination of Renaissance and Baroque styles. The choir stalls were built from mahogany and the 40 statues of Saints were carved by Spain’s renowned wood carver Pedro de Mena.

Another interesting landmark of the Costa del Sol is the Gibralfaro. This is a 14th century castle built by the Phoenicians. It’s the site of a three month battle between the citizens of the land against the Catholic king and queen, Ferdinand and Isabella.

One cannot talk about landmarks without mentioning Pablo Picasso’s birth home; it was declared a historical and artistic monument. To see it, just head west towards Plaza la Merced.

Costa del Sol attractions boast a great number of interesting museums. One of the most visited is the Picasso Museum in Malaga. It’s located near the cathedral and housed inside the Buenavista Palace. Here, visitors can see all paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from throughout the artists’ career.

The Art and Popular Customs Museum is truly another must for visitors. It’s location in a former 17th century Inn gives it a special appeal. It’s also a great place to learn about the culture and traditions of the people of the region.

Other venues of interest include the Military and Archeology museums. The latter will soon be relocating to another part of Costa del Sol.

Theater and music are a big part of Costa del Sol life; they’re also a big part of Costa del Sol attractions. The most important theaters in the area include Cervantes Theater, named after the author of the famed Quixote. It’s a great venue for dance and music in Malaga. Others of equal importance include Palacio de la Paz in Fuengirola and Teatro Ciudad in Marbella. The towns of Costa del Sol are also known for their traditional yearly and seasonal festivals; these include religious celebrations.

Another of Costa del Sol attractions are the numerous marine centers. They’re informative and very entertaining.

Whether you choose to relax on a beach, be pampered in a spa or visit a museum, your trip to the Costa del Sol will be unforgettable.
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