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Cozumel Dining

The only requirement for dining in Cozumel is that you bring your appetite and dress comfortably. Only a few places feature elegant surroundings, but most provide scenic views with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, not to mention great food!

Among the more refined establishments for dining in Cozumel is the acclaimed Wynston. You’ll be greeted by elegant waiters upon entering this 9th floor restaurant. It’s housed in a waterfront condominium and boasts sublime sunsets. Other impressive features include its wine list and Mediterranean menu. The chef has carefully chosen top quality U.S beef for signature dishes. The seafood is fresh and prepared in the classic American style.

You won’t find exotic meals at many venues in Cozumel. But at La Cocay, you can dine on delectable duck pates, truffle soufflés and excellent pasta dishes. Photos of several American cities along the walls add to the venue’s sophistication.

Romantic couples will find Grupo Mission a breath of fresh air. It’s not opulent, yet it is quite stylish. It’s nestled in an old style hacienda and surrounded with aromatic fruits trees and courtyards. The décor is traditional Mexican. You’ll find fresh seafood choices and mouthwatering desserts.

Another romantic spot for dining in Cozumel is La Veranda. It’s a real gourmet’s delight and gets you away from the city noise. Candle light and flowers compliment the outstanding steaks and regional specialties. Creative dishes include flautas filled with crab meat.

At the top of the locals’ favorite establishments for dining is Guido’s. The yellow chairs in the open courtyard create a happy and light ambience. You won’t believe the amount of food that’s served here. They’ll get you started with a divine basket of garlic bread. Next, they’ll bring you appetizer samples followed by the entrée, which is usually hearty in size. Seafood pasta ranks high among the most popular dishes.
Tip: Don’t miss the home made ice cream topped with Kahlua liqueur. These also come in generous portions.
And at Pancho’s Backyard, musicians play all night while you enjoy cheese burritos, chimichangas, cream of cilantro or spicy beef. It offers great value and it’s a fun place to enjoy an evening out.

You’ll understand why the critics love La Choza. This open air eatery serves authentic regional fare. They keep improving the menu hoping for an award. But the large crowds let them know that they’re at the top of choices for dining in Cozumel. Tortilla soup and pork baked in banana leaves are among the most ordered items. The avocado pie is simply outstanding.

If you’re looking for exotic and international, you won’t go wrong with choosing Chi for dining in Cozumel. The chef is from Hong Kong so you can count on authenticity. There’s also a great sushi bar and a list of fine rice wines. The Sunday breakfast buffet is among the best in the island.
Tourists always enjoy El Carnero de Oro. For more than one century this family owned and operated this restaurant, which has served celebrities and visitors with the finest gastronomy of Jalisco. The hand made tortillas are one of the best dining choices.


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