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More Destinations in Cozumel

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Cozumel Shopping

Tourists can take advantage of what Cozumel shopping has to offer. Not only does it present the chance to buy the traditional handicrafts, but there are also a number of elegant jewelry and fashion shops as well. There’s also local art and decorative housewares stylish enough for the trendiest homes. If you walk through the downtown area, you’ll find names like Van Cleef & Arpels the epitome of luxurious jewelry. You’ll also find lesser-known venues that offer unique and interesting buys.

Courtyard Shopping

A must of the Cozumel shopping scene is Cinco Soles. This large establishment sits in front of a scenic waterfront selling superb crafts from all areas of the country. The courtyard area is not to be missed. If you want to buy Tequila, you’ll want to taste the different varieties available. And here in the center of the beautiful building, waiters will fill your glass with the Mexican elixir.

Fine Art

If you like out of the ordinary items, you’ll find Miguelon e Hijos a most delightful place for Cozumel shopping. The owners have for years worked on the art of crafting shells into cameo-like ornaments. Most of the pieces can be seen in museums.
Galeria Azul is another wonderful venue where visitors can enjoy glass art, underwater videos and masterpieces by local Cozumelenos.
You won’t want to miss the Feather Painter boutique for Cozumel shopping. This old family of artists has dedicated its life to creating unusual paintings on feathers. These make great mementos of the trip and are not difficult to pack.


At Cozumel Silver & Gold, tourists can buy one-of-a-kind pieces. They carry a fine selection of gems, beadwork, opals and black coral.

Tip: Buying black coral in Cozumel is legal. Keep your receipt for when entering your country in order to show that the purchase was indeed legal. Failure to keep this document may result in the item being confiscated by custom authorities.


Take time to browse through the crowded isles of Muebles de la Santa Cruz. You may not be in the mood to ship large pieces of furniture but you’ll love the variety of small lamps and picture frames.

And if your Cozumel shopping takes you to Casa Bella, make sure to see the silver trays and beautifully designed mirrors. You won’t find merchandise like this elsewhere.
For great wood carvings and figurines, Bien Raices boasts one of the best stocked stores for Cozumel shopping. It’s also ideal for buying pottery from throughout Mexico.
Several of the shops carry fine leather goods, embroideries and lace work. Linens and elegant table ware are at the center of Mexican home life and visitors can count on finding great buys.


And you can’t conclude your Cozumel shopping without buying a hammock. They come in all sizes and colors. At the Hammock Shore, they stock cotton as well as nylon varieties.

At the store without a name, located on Avenida 5, out of towners will find the most colorful and outstanding designs of hammocks for Cozumel shopping. Most of them are made by local artisans.


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