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Dallas, Texas, USA

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Dallas Attractions

Dallas attractions offer an insight into the history of the United States. They’re also great examples of iconic architectural styles. Best of all, Dallas attractions offer opportunities for relaxation and great fun.

Different Fun
Dallas is home to Six Flags over Texas. It’s the largest water park in the Country and the site of challenging and fun rides. This is the most exciting of all Dallas attractions.

The Dallas Zoo is another place for the family’s amusement. Species from around the world await your visit.

Beautiful architecture is one of the best features of the city. A fine example of it is the Belo Mansion. It’s located in the Arts District and is currently occupied by the Dallas Attorney Bar Association.

The Hall of State is an Art Deco house that houses an important collection of bronze statues known as the Hall of Heroes. The Great Hall displays the Gold Seal of the state of Texas.

You can’t miss the Old Red Courthouse. It gets it coloration from the sandstone used in building it. It’s Dallas’ oldest standing building and boasts a remarkable Romanesque style.

Union Station is another important Dallas attraction. This was once the hub of train travel for the Southwest. It was built in the year 1914 in the old circa style.

A truly interesting city landmark and important Dallas attraction is the Old City Park. It’s a village built between 1840 and 1910. It houses 38 historic structures as well as a working farm.

Among the most interesting facts about Dallas is that its home to a vast selection of museums. One of them is the American Museum of Miniature Arts. Visitors can enjoy the collection of petite sculptures dating back to the time of the Pharaohs.

For those who cherish a good mystery and drama, the Conspiracy Museum is a must. It’s a review of high profile assassinations and conspiracies dating back to 1789. These include personalities like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

And if you’re looking for uniqueness the Dallas Museum of Art is truly amazing. It displays works by artists from throughout the Americas. It also boasts large collections of lost civilizations. It’s one of the top Dallas attractions.

The Dallas Museum of Natural History is an interesting venue to learn about the history of the state as well as what happened on earth millions of year ago. It’s ideal for children. They can participate in demonstrations.

Dallas is home to 406 parks and lakes. A great place for nature lovers is the City’s Horticultural Center. It covers over seven acres of lush landscaped areas. There’s a conservatory and rose garden. What’s most interesting is the display of medicinal plants. Lectures are given about their curative and preventive qualities. It’s a very informative Dallas attraction.

Dallas is home to a champion football team as well as the famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Watching both of them practice before games is said to be among top Dallas attractions.
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