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Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

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Daytona Beach Dining

For a fairly small city, Daytona Beach offers the grandeur of a large city’s dining scene. And if there’s one thing that has the locals raving with pride it’s the selection of fresh shellfish and seafood found in Daytona Beach restaurants. 

Visitors who enjoy panoramic vistas while dining in Daytona Beach choose a place called Top of Daytona Restaurant. This elegant venue is located on the 29th floor of the tallest building in the city. Everything on the menu is quality American and Continental gastronomy. The filet Mignon and grilled Chilean sea bass are the talk of the town.
For the epitome of elegance, Azure is the place to go. It’s the only Four Diamond restaurant in Daytona Beach. The tables are stylishly decorated and the colors compliment the blue of the ocean in the background. The chef offers regional fare with emphasis in seafood and among the favorites is the lobster ensemble. Also on the long list of fabulous dishes is oven roasted wild boar and rabbit in wine sauce. 
For exquisite Italian and French style food everyone will tell you that the Cellar Restaurant is the perfect choice for dining in Daytona Beach. There’s nothing boring or standard about the menu. The pastas, beef and seafood options are nothing short of gourmet creations. Fettuccini with smoked salmon is one of the most ordered items.
Tip: The desserts are just as amazing as the main courses. Treat yourself to banana bread baked with chocolate chips and topped with hazelnut gelato. 
If you see a crowd of people standing outside a restaurant, then it must be the Italian Village. Its reputation for fresh made pastas and garlic rolls has people lining out the door from the moment it opens to when it closes. Pizzas and calzones are prepared with authentic sauces right out of grandma’s recipe box in Sicily. It’s a must.
For a fun evening the Ocean Deck and Beach Club is ideal. Dine on fresh seafood specialties like yellow fin tuna or Mahi Mahi while listening to the sounds of Reggae. Afterward, enjoy a night of dancing on the beach. 
Daytona Beach is festive and lively. No place is more representative of this than the Inlet Harbor Marina Restaurant. Choose a table on the waterfront deck. Torch lights add an aura of tropical romance. The Caribbean décor is as beautiful as what comes out of the kitchen. Steaks, chops and seafood are amidst the list of a la carte selections.
Another typical Florida establishment offering quality food for dining in Daytona Beach is the Wreck Riverfront Bar & Grill. Visitors can taste alligator, fresh salads, chowders and soups. And its nightly entertainment is said to be the hippest in town. 

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