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Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Detroit Overview

If you had to choose one word that best sums up Detroit, it would have to be exhilarating.  Music has played a big part of its history and has lead to the city’s world recognition.  And its cultural offerings are hard matched by other large cosmopolitan cities across the U.S.  Detroit has always been innovative in paving the way for creative cuisine thereby resulting in a good number of award-winning restaurants.  It has also led the way in the area of preservation, thus allowing for tourists to marvel in its rich historical past.  So if you’re looking for an interesting city with much to offer, then Detroit, Michigan is a great choice for your next vacation. 

Detroit is one of the largest cities in the United States, and it’s the home of the nation’s automobile industry as well as soul and R&B music.  Detroit gave birth to Motown, the first record label to be owned by an African American.  It featured an array of artists who became icons in American popular music.  Some of these musicians include Diana Ross & the Supremes, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and the Temptations.  And today, Detroit continues the legacy alive with important events like the International Jazz Festival, the Electronic Music Festival and the world renowned Concert of Colors. 

Detroit’s culture district is the second largest in the nation with icons like the Fox Theatre, Music Hall, Detroit Opera House, Orchestra Hall and the Nederlander Organization.   

Detroit features prominent museums like the Institute of Arts, the Historical Museum and of course Motown History Museum.  These represent the city’s development, the emergence of the auto and music industries as well as important American inventions.

Sports fans will never be at a loss for activities.  The city is home to the four major teams of football, baseball, basketball and hockey.  You can watch a game at a stadium or at one of the many sports bars around town.  And for tourists who prefer to spend their time on other pursuits of happiness like shopping, Detroit is the ideal destination.  How would you like to browse through football field size malls or inexpensive flea markets? In Detroit, all that is possible and more.  The Great Lakes Center for example offers the equivalent of five football fields of retail opportunities.  This is definitely a buyer’s paradise. 

Detroit’s climate is characterized by four distinct seasons, with its overall temperature influenced by the proximity to the Great Lakes.  Winters tend to be cold with snow precipitation. 

Detroit is known for its cuisine characterized by outstanding steakhouses, barbeque eateries and 50s style malt shops.  There are
elegant restaurants housed in stately mansions and family style bistros.  They all offer superb food and live entertainment befitting of concert venues. 

Detroit has soul that is just waiting to be discovered. 


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