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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Attractions

Dubai is an amazing destination with much to do and experience. Visitors can tour the different sections of the city, visit the many souqs or go on safari deep into the desert. Whatever Dubai attraction you choose, you’ll marvel in the experience. Divided into two sections, the North (Deira) and the South (Bur Dubai), visitors will find many Dubai attractions in both sections with plenty to see along the way.

Bur Dubai
In Bur Dubai, a visit to Batakiya District is a must; its old narrow streets and tall wind-towers serve as reminders of the old Dubai, at a time even before there was electricity.

The Dubai Museum is another important icon of Dubai attractions; it was once an old fort built to protect the city from invaders. Built in 1799, it’s now a beautiful museum with displays of ancient maps, Arabian homes, mosques and more; you’ll also see displays relating to the pearl diving industry. A favorite display is the collection of weapons ranging from swords to pistols.

The Grand Mosque, found near the Ruler’s Court, comprises 45 small domes and nine large ones; magnificent stained glass windows adorn its impressive panels. It’s an important landmark and a must in Dubai attractions.

Another important and interesting museum is the Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum’s House. Built by the Sheik, it served as the place from where to observe all activities in the sea. The Sheik was the grandfather of the current ruler.

Dubai attractions in the North of the Creek are just as interesting. The most popular is the Burj Nahar, the most visited watch tower.

Docked at the creek since the 1830’s are a group of wooden sailing vessels, known as Dhow Wharfage. These were once used by sailors who were engaged in trading with surrounding Countries. They’re a must see.

Heritage House is also an important part of Dubai attractions, the residence of wealthy pearl merchants. The house’s architecture is quite interesting, as it was built from coral and gypsum.

Tip: Schedule a tour of this Heritage House; visitors are served chick-peas with tea, a popular Emirati snack.

This is one of the most popular sections in the city, where most resorts are located. A must see is the Burj Al Arab; you can’t miss this amazing building in the shape of a sail, now the tallest building in the world and the most luxurious hotel. Visit the Sky View Bar for impressive vistas.

You’ll want to go back a few centuries, to the Jumeirah Archeological Site, where pieces dating back to the 6th Century A.D have been found. It’s among the most impressive Dubai attractions.

And of course, you’ll want to visit Jumeirah Mosque, a breathtaking example of Islamic architecture in modern times. It’s the city’s largest, and a site to see especially at night when it’s lit up.

For those with an adventurous spirit, a safari into the desert is a must; go camel riding, sand-skiing or take someone special for a moon-lit barbecue. Dubai attractions come in many forms.
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