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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Overview

Dubai is a place of tradition making its mark in the modern world. It’s a place that will leave anyone who visits astonished. If there’s one word that could describe Dubai, it would simply be “unique.” Only in Dubai can visitors shop at an enormous complex in the middle of the desert and enjoy indoor ski slopes at the same time. Only in Dubai can you play a round of golf and then take a camel ride in the desert. Only in Dubai can you find beautiful old architecture and at the same time witness enormous skyscrapers in shapes and sizes never seen before.

Dubai is one of the seven Arab Emirates, located on the Southern part of the Persian Gulf. It’s been said that Dubai is “the Pearl of the Persian Gulf.” Since oil is not its main industry, real estate and modernization has been at its forefront. It now boasts the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai, a majestic hotel located on a man-made island, and built in the shape of a sail. A visit to its Sky bar will give you the best vistas in the city. Dubai is always looking towards the future, and with that in mind, visitors will soon see what is to be the most advanced building of the future, based on the technology of iPod; the apartments will have the latest most unbelievable gadgets.

A creek divides the city into two regions; the north is known as Deira and the South is known as Bur Dubai; a tourist and residential area join here making Jumeirah on the coast a well visited section of town. The weather is great any time of the year. Summers are generally hot and somewhat humid, but winters are warm with cool nights, and little rainfall.

Though Dubai is a place with strong traditions, it’s more modern than other Middle-Eastern destinations. It’s very safe for women travelers and women are allowed to drive. As a Muslim Country, alcohol is forbidden, though you can find restaurants in hotels and resorts that serve alcohol with meals. In Dubai, you can find restaurants offering culinary delights from around the globe, as well as traditional gulf and Arabic gastronomy. Restaurants are usually elegant venues with incredible views but visitors can still find casual bistros that offer great meals at affordable prices.

Dubai has been referred to as a shopper’s paradise and with reason; with over 23 shopping centers, visitors with the most discerning tastes will certainly find something to buy. Souqs are another fabulous part of the Dubai culture; they’re fabulous places for finding great textiles, spices, and best of all, gold and jewelry. Dubai boasts the best prices in the world for gold and precious gems.

But shopping is not the only attraction. There’s much to see and do. A desert safari, or a ride on a camel, a visit to a museum, or mosque, a day on the beach or the golf course, whatever you fancy, you’ll find it in Dubai.

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