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Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin Dining

No matter what your taste, you’ll be sure to find something pleasing to your palate when dining in Dublin. You can enjoy a variety of different types of cuisine depending on the area you go to, and you can also find a number of decently priced spots with tasty food!

Lunch Spots
Some of the more popular spots to try when dining in Dublin during lunch hours include Dunne and Crescenzi, where you can enjoy paninis or antipasto, or Café Bar Deli for some delightful pizzas, salads and pastas with great prices. The Lemon Crepe Company serves some of the best coffee in town, along with American style crepes. Enjoy a basket of chicken wings and Elephant and Castle, or devour the tasty, mostly organic and all fresh, vegetarian dishes at Café Fresh. Epicurean Food Hall serves a wide variety of different foods, like Cornish pastries, Middle Eastern foods, French Cuisine and bagels, and you can enjoy great pub food at spots like T.P. Smith and M J O’Neill’s. Try out the Italian goodies at the Unicorn Food Company if your belly is asking for some lasagna, pastas, pizzas and salads.

Snack Spots
If you’re looking for some tasty snack spots when dining in Dublin, you can check out Zaytoon for some mouth watering eat-in or take-out kebab, or munch in Dublin’s most famous coffee shop, Bewley’s, which has been a hang out over the years for many famous artists. Have a Panini or some antipasto at Bar Italia, where you can also find the best real Italian coffee in town.

Dinner Spots
When dining in Dublin for dinner, spot some local celebrities at Idlewilde Café, or enjoy a fine cosmopolitan menu at Bang Café, where the food and presentation is delightful. Take pleasure in some traditional Irish fare in a spot that’s friendly, small and boasts traditional Irish décor. Visit Johnnie’s Fox Pub if you want to hear traditional live Irish bands, you’ll also be sure to enjoy the seafood and the friendly staff. L’Gueuleton, consistently rated as one of the top five restaurants by food critics, is small and has low prices; there are no reservations so come early to put your name on the list, and then have a beer at one of the nearby pubs. The Bistro serves decent continental food, and Restaurant Patrick Guilbad serves first-rate dishes that are fairly expensive but well worth the price.

Try some multicultural foods when dining in Dublin in areas like Parnell Street, where you can find a wide variety of Chinese and Asian restaurants. Please your palate with some Indian cuisine around the South William Street area, where you can find Khyber Tandoori. Try other great Indian cuisine at spots like Surma or Govinda’s, where you’ll find cheap and delicious Hari-Krishna vegetarian food. Try some Thai cuisine served by staff in traditional Thai attire at Siam Thai, and enjoy the only Cuban restaurant at Bella Cuba where the food is delicious.

Tip: Bella Cuba is very small so book in advance.

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