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Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin Overview

When visitors come to the lively city of Dublin, the first thing they discover is a city full of history and lots of charm. It’s a bustling, fast-paced community full of interesting people and places, not to mention a very youthful way of life. From pubs that date back hundreds of years to the unique Celtic culture which can still be felt today, this city remains one of the most popular destinations for visitors from around the world.
Dublin, which means Town of the Hundred Ford, is the largest city and capital of Ireland. Dublin is at the heart of Ireland's economy and remains the administrative and cultural center. Most of Ireland’s history, dating back to the medieval times, can be traced to the foundation of this city. About 50% of the population of Dublin is made of up youngsters 25 or under, making it one of Europe’s most youthful, happening cities with an extraordinary nightlife and a spirit not found in any other city.

In Dublin, you can find a culture full of theatre and art, with museums and theatres sprawled all across the city. Being the focal point of tons of Irish art and the artistic scene, you’ll find famous collections of miniature paintings, drawings, manuscripts, arts, rare books and more. In Dublin in places like the Chester Beatty Library, and you can find fascinating museums like the City Arts Center, the National Gallery, the Project Arts Center, and many other large art galleries. The main public park in the city center of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green, often displays much of the art done by local artists.

Visit places like the Temple Bar, developed as a cultural center of Dublin with extraordinary shops, cafes, and pubs. Some of the more popular nightclubs and pubs in Dublin can be found in the area around St. Stephen’s Green, especially Harcourt Street, Camden Street, Wexford Street and Lesson Street. Pubs are some of the most popular spots in Dublin, and you can check out some of the traditional pubs like the Stag’s Head, the Underground, Bowe’s Lounge or Kavanagh’s. Some of the more modern ones that you may want to visit include the Globe, Spy Bar, the Market Bar or Lots.

One of the more attractive features of Dublin is the wide range of live music you can find throughout the city, both indoors at pubs and live venues and in the streets in various areas. Check out O’Shea’s or O’Donoghues for traditional live music at a pub, or wander around the streets to catch live music outdoors. Several rock bands that started in the streets of Dublin have achieved international success, such as U2, the Boomtown Rats, Horslips, the Script and more.

The club scene in Dublin is huge as well, and you can find all different sorts of clubs ranging from mainstream dance clubs, to underground scenes, to live performances that may or may not involve dancing. Check out hto spots in Dublin like Tripod, the Hub, the Academy, the Dragon,  or Copper Face Jacks.

Whatever your style or interests, you’ll find there’s lots to do in Dublin for everyone, from sightseeing to activities and more! Enjoy the cultural experience of a lifetime in Dublin. and come home satisfied with your exciting journey!

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