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Durban, South Africa

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Durban Dining

Traditional South African cuisine encompasses a variety of colors and flavors from a multitude of exotic spices and creative preparations. Each region of South Africa offers distinct specialties, and where milk products are available, they’re included in the dishes. Essential products such as seafood, herbs, Karoo lamb, fruits and beef from the Midlands make up the delicacies that are traditional of dining in Durban.

Street Delicacies
Street food is quite safe and unique. You can’t visit the city without experiencing this fun form of dining in Durban. Most vendors carry Bunny Chow, which comprises a large loaf of bread stuffed with spicy and flavorful curries.

Another treat is the popular chili bites, which is chick-pea flour in the shape of balls, served with spicy chilies. Don’t miss Samoosas, also ranking at the top of street food, thin pastry pockets, filled with either potato or chopped beef. And a favorite of the locals, boerie rolls, and a sausage (usually sold on Saturdays), seasoned with curry, garlic, cheese or anything else you care to ask for.

Fine Dining
Dining in Durban is full of choices, and visitors usually choose restaurants that offer traditional South African cuisine; however, dining in Durban is also about variety and in this part of the world, you’ll find restaurants of many nationalities.

A favorite is the Fabulous Restaurant & House of Morocco; the food is really as fabulous as the name implies. The Harem room is a must, elegantly designed with colorful rich fabrics, and the place to enjoy a smoke of the Hukah pipe. Scents of exotic spices follow the dishes as they leave the kitchen to your table; the couscous is incredible.

If you’re in the mood for great Creole cuisine in a beautiful setting, try Ile Maurice, offering mouthwatering seafood and stews. Do not miss the specialty desserts made with sub-tropical fruits.

For great Greek food, Plaka is the place to go. Try the different lamb dishes or the moussaka.

Tip: Ask for the assortment of Baklava and other Greek treats sampler. Though not on the menu, the chef will prepare it for anyone who requests it.

Most restaurants for dining in Durban offer casual atmosphere, great food, and very good prices. MacRib is a great place to go for the fabulous buffet and the flame broiled steaks; it’s been said that you won’t taste a juicier or tenderer filet anywhere else.

And if you’re in the mood for more great Indian food, bring the family to the Indian Connection, known for its large portions of Mutton, fish, curries and more. They also serve a nice selection of Indian beers. It’s really inexpensive.

For great entertainment, a place not to be missed is Greensleeves at Camelot, an unusual setting for a great meal and unique entertainment; the waiters, dressed in period costumes will address you as “Milord and Milady.” You’ll enjoy an evening of fun as well as great food; try the buffet or the steaks, the most popular item on the menu.

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