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Durban, South Africa

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Durban Shopping

South Africans love to shop and Durban shopping reflects it. Within the magnificent array of malls and shops, shopping aficionados can see that European fashion has left its mark. Durban’s malls are home to haute couture as well as quality sports and safari wear, a must for an adventure in South Africa. Best of all, Durban shopping is all about value; you’ll find everything you want or need at very reasonable prices.

Shopping Centers

The popularity of large shopping centers has definitely extended to the African Continent. The most impressive is Gateway Theatre of Shopping, an amazing mall with over 425,000 square feet of fabulous shopping. It’s the 8th largest center of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, modeled after the popular Mall of America. Its attractions include movie theaters, an IMAX, a playhouse, over 60 restaurants, an arcade and theme park. The center boasts the largest rock for indoor climbing, a 4x4 Nissan track and a science theme park. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never run out of things to do or see while Durban shopping.

Other interesting and fabulous centers include Midlands Mall, The Pavilion and Durban’s Waterfront. All these fun places are homes to great department stores, sports clothing outlets and gift shops. The Pavilion however, offers upscale Durban shopping, with beautiful and opulent surroundings.

Durban shopping offers the opportunity for visitors who enjoy the challenge of finding that special bargain or unique item to do just that. With several markets around the city, you can enjoy a different type of shopping. Here, you’ll find specialty crafts like wire sculptures, windmills, wooden airplanes, pottery, baskets made with different types of fiber, beadwork, embroidery and carvings. You’ll also find aromatic and exotic spices, fruits from the sub-tropic and fabulous South African wines, produced in vineyards that have gained world recognition.

At the numerous flea markets in town, you’ll find hand made clothing, crafts and jewelry at very cheap prices.

Of the array of flea markets, Umkhumbane is the most popular. It’s a favorite of locals and tourists and a great place for ethnic wear, textiles and carvings, jewelry and ceramics. Children can enjoy the pony rides.

Among the most popular fun-filled Durban shopping markets, Church Square Market is the place to find everything from religious ornaments to creative pieces of jewelry. Others include Fare Park Market and Victoria Street Market, the largest.

Victoria Street Market is a popular area filled with mosques and temples, shops and restaurants. It’s also the place to find great Indian spices, hand woven pillows and textiles, colorful statuettes, Hindu ornaments, incense and more.

The Indian district located within Durban’s Grey Street is another popular hang-out, great for Durban shopping, and the site of more weekend bazaars, food stalls and spice vendors. Some are packaged in unusual ways, making these ideal presents to bring home.

Durban shopping is also known for its silver, gold and platinum, and of course, South African diamonds. Vernon White Jewelers are known for their creative and unusual pieces.

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