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Dusseldorf Attractions

Dusseldorf offers a number of great trails by the river, amazing parks and historically meaningful landmarks and icons. Among the Dusseldorf attractions, visitors will also find a wide selection of museums and galleries for every interest.

If you’re just looking to spend an afternoon observing Dusseldorf life, take a seat at any of the cafes in Burgplatz.  This busy square is at the center of Old Town. 

You’ll then want to begin your tour of the Dusseldorf attractions and see the icons and landmarks throughout.  One of the most recognized of Dusseldorf attractions is the Landtag.  It’s home to the State Parliament and serves as a symbol of democracy. 

As you continue on your visit, you’ll come across Rathaus or Town Hall where there’s an impressive monument of Jan-Wellem Reiterstandbild (The Rider).  It’s the oldest statue in the city and described as an outstanding example of baroque design.  It will interest you to know that this Dusseldorf attraction is a portrayal of Prince Jan Wellem on a horse.  

An undisputed national symbol and one of the top Dusseldorf attractions is the Radschlagerbrunnen (cartwheel fountain).  Although it doesn’t have historical significance, it represents the days when children would perform cartwheels in front of an audience.  It’s one of the fun sites around town that merit a short stop.  

If you love to browse through antiquities and fine collections, you’ll have a wonderful time at the Hetjens Museum.  It houses more than 10,000 pieces of stoneware, pottery and porcelain from every continent including the Middle East.  The most ancient of the exhibits dates back to 6,000 B.C.  This world-class museum is reputed for being one of the only four establishments that showcase handicrafts from every culture.  It’s one of the Dusseldorf attractions you’ll want to visit more than once.   

And book lovers will not want to stay away from the Heinrich Heine Institute.  The institution bears the name of one of Germany’s most renowned writer.  In this most beloved of Dusseldorf attractions, tourists can learn about his life and works as well as his influence in literature over the years.

Live performance enthusiasts should not miss Dumont-Lindemann Archive Museum.  The establishment gives visitors an insight into 400 years of German theater history.  It offers opportunities to browse through exhibits relating stories of actors, singers, costumes and stage design. 

And if you relish the outdoors, why not enjoy the day at the Hofgarten.  This 16th century park is the largest and most beautiful among Dusseldorf attractions.  It was first built as a place for pleasure for the Danish monarchs.   

Tip:  If you take a stroll down Konigsalle Boulevard, you’ll be able to come in through the park’s north entrance.  Once inside, you’ll see the lovely English landscapes designed after Napoleon Bonaparte rebuilt it. 

You’ll also want to visit Grone Jong while in the park.  The fountain is a representation of Triton the son of Poseidon.  Because of time, the statue has acquired a greenish tone so it’s referred to as the “green lad.”  

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