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Dusseldorf Dining

Whether you’re looking for a gourmet restaurant or are on a budget, one thing is certain; you’ll have a wonderful experience dining in Dusseldorf.

If you want to treat yourself to a special evening out, you should consider eating at Chanakya.  It’s located in the Ko Gallerie and boasts a unique décor.  The array of antiques, ivory decorations and Asian furnishings take you to another time and place.  It’s truly as special as an Indian palace.  Every specialty features traditional recipes.  The curried stews and tandooris are among the favorites. 

Edo is another exciting venue for dining in Dusseldorf.  It’s hip and sophisticated, and is popular among locals and Japanese ex-pats.  It’s décor will have you believing you’re dining in Osaka.  The restaurant is built around a lovely Oriental garden and showcases a stylish sushi and teppan yaki bar.  The tatami room allows guests to sit on rice mats around low tables.  You’ll find that the food is another wonderful feature that has everyone raving about the place.  The wine list and selection of sakes is quite impressive.

Turkish cuisine has also made it to the heart and taste buds of Germany.  And to savor this type of fare, there’s no better option than Dalaman.  It’s extremely elegant with ornamentation reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire.  The menu presents the best of Bosporus cooking with signature icons like lamb kebab in yoghurt.  You’ll have a superb time dining while entertained by belly dancers.   

While visiting, you’ll obviously want to enjoy the city’s traditional fare.  En de Canon is ideal for dining in Dusseldorf.  Although the interior design is rustic, it’s a popular spot for both locals and politicians.  Start off with a stein of Altbier and enjoy a platter of herring.  Try the roast beef in mustard and if in season, don’t miss the mussels.  If it’s summer, you’ll want to enjoy your drink in the beer garden beneath the chestnut trees.

Benders Marie is always busy.  So arm yourself with patience and come enjoy this outstanding place for dining in Dusseldorf.  If you’re in town between November and February, by all means try the twenty-four varieties of mussels.  The ones in onions and spicy sauce are a best seller.  Other fabulous entrees however include sauerbraten (braised beef). 

But if your travels coincide with the end of winter, Brand’s Jup is a must.  It’s a perfect location to enjoy the vistas of the Rhine River while dining on succulent sausages and sauerbraten.  The bistro is decorated in authentic Rhineland style and outdoor tables are nestled amidst an oasis of lush gardens.  Apart from offering great food, it’s picturesque and most enjoyable for dining in Dusseldorf.     

And if you’re in the mood for a crispy and tasty schnitzel, Café Saffran’s is where you want to go.  It’s reasonably priced and features an excellent jazz band.  Other courses worth trying include the steak with Hollandaise sauce. 


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