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Dusseldorf Overview

Dusseldorf, one of Germany's leading financial centers, is a modern emporium of culture.  It’s also a great place for food lovers, sports enthusiasts and anyone who loves the good life.  This German city is beyond avant-garde when it comes to setting trends.  For this reason, Dusseldorf is also a hot spot for the trendiest crowd in Germany.

Dusseldorf is the capital of the state of North Rhine Westfalia and has gained immense popularity for its unique features.  Dusseldorf is known for events and festivals that attract visitors every year.  The fashion and trade fairs are among the most frequented, bringing buyers and designers from all four corners of the globe.  Other celebrations include the Dusseldorf Carnivals also known as “the fifth season.” They’re said to be the biggest cultural happenings, not only of Germany but on the continent.  These begin on November 11 at exactly 11:11 a.m. and continue on until Ash Wednesday. 

Dusseldorf offers visitors all types of museums, from Medieval to natural history.  Those who purchase the ArtCard will benefit from a one time purchase price and will gain entry to all these venues.  Among the most visited is the Goethe Museum which displays more than 50,000 original works by this German poet. 

Dusseldorf is also known for the famed Kom Odchen.  It’s one of the most renowned cabarets of the country, where politics is the topic of entertainment.  But Dusseldorf has also left its indelible mark in the music scene with important contributions to modern pop.  Tourists will find that concerts are offered throughout the year whether they’re of the classical or electronic music variety. 

Sports fans will also find what interests them most.  They can enjoy an ice hockey game as well as football and table tennis.  However, you’ll find that in Dusseldorf soccer reigns supreme. 

While visiting Dusseldorf, you’ll realize that it’s a gastronomical delight as well.  To quench your thirst, you’ll want to try the famed Altbier, brewed only in Dusseldorf.  This dark beer is served in restaurants and beer gardens around town.  It complements the delicious Dusseldorf cuisine known for specialties like pickled beef, black pudding with apple stew, and braised beef.  In wintertime, you’ll want to come for the selection of mussels prepared in more than 20 ways, or the steaks roasted with Dusseldorf’s authentic mustard.  Tourists usually buy a mostertpottche (small mustard pot) as a souvenir.

When you arrive at any of the parks in Dusseldorf, you’ll encounter a natural oasis magnificently landscaped and graced by the presence of majestic swans.  


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