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Dusseldorf Shopping

Dusseldorf’s love for couture began centuries ago with the royal families.  It was back in 1949 when the first fashion fair took place in the city.  Today, designers from all corners of the globe make a beeline for the runways of Dusseldorf.  But the chic city is not just for fashionistas.  Dusseldorf shopping offers opportunities for purchasing antiques and all sorts of gifts. 

Shopping Centers and Markets
The most famous of all venues for Dusseldorf shopping is without a doubt Ko Gallerie.  It’s located on an exclusive boulevard and is home to international labels.  There are 130 shops to choose from and eateries to fulfill your gastronomical desires. 

Another exquisite choice for continuing with your need for Dusseldorf shopping is the Schadow Arkaden.  The complex is shaped like a star offering an astounding architectural site to visit.  But to get your buying done, you’ll have to browse through the vast selection of upscale boutiques.  They carry everything from state of the art cosmetics to the latest and coolest clothing and accessories.  And those who love to buy and collect antiques will find that this beautiful venue is the ideal Dusseldorf shopping destination.

But if you prefer to concentrate your Dusseldorf shopping in one place, Sevens is simply fabulous.  This large department store sells everything you could possibly imagine.  It’s designed in a unique way allowing for the sunlight to reach all of its seven stories.  The open basement features an excellent eatery making it convenient for you to spend the day. 

And if you’re a bargain hunter, the flea markets of Anchener Platz and Radschlager are perfect venues for big savings while Dusseldorf shopping.  They stock clothing, musical instruments, old bottles of beer, mustard pots and other traditional German souvenirs.  You might even find a bottle of Killepitsch which is a local liqueur made with a combination of 90 fruits and spices. 

Tip:  Anchener Platz is only a Saturday market.  The Radschlager opens once a month.  If you’re visiting during the end of year holidays, you’ll find Christmas markets open almost daily.

Specialty Shops
If you’re seeking one of a kind Asian or African antiquities, Lothar Heubel is said to be the top choice for Dusseldorf shopping.  Collectors from around the globe have this venue on their telephone’s speed dial.  They specialize in ceramics, jewelry and china from the Hang, Ming and Tang dynasties of China.  But if you’re also on the market for a treasure from the French countryside, then this place is definitely for you. 
Dusseldorf shopping is certainly a must for those with refined taste.  At Georg Jensen you can find elegant silverware, candlestick holders, serving dishes, coffee pots and tea sets.  The stylish Danish design of Jensen is a favorite among locals and travelers. 

When it comes to leather goods, make a fast turn and head to Walter Steiger.  They stock quality luggage featuring up-to-date airline approved suitcases.  They also have the latest footwear, handbags and accessories.  Their selection of wallets is a must see.  


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