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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Edinburgh Attractions

Edinburgh has been declared a world Heritage Site. Edinburgh attractions will take you through its rich history and expose you to so much of what this city has to offer.

Castles and Palaces
One of the most visited Edinburgh attractions is the majestic Edinburgh Castle. It sits atop an extinct volcano guarding the city with its impressive structure. It’s been estimated that it could date back to the Iron Ages, but today it houses the Ministry of Defense. Browse through the Great Hall or see the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son James VI of Scotland.

Lauriston Castle is another interesting choice among Edinburgh attractions. It comprises a magnificent 30 acre estate with manicured lawns and spectacular gardens. It was built around a 16th century tower and construction concluded in the 1800s. It served as residence to important Scottish nobility.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse has served as home to all of Scotland’s Queens including Mary Queen of Scots. It was originally built in 1182 to function as a monastery.

If you like intrigue and mystery, then the Craigmillar Castle is the right Edinburgh attraction. This Gothic style edification was built by a wealthy family in the 1600s. Go through the estate with a tour guide where you’ll hear about every web of deceit weaved within these walls.

Cultural Landmarks
The Royal College of Surgeons contains the most important collection of surgical instruments, information and specimens in the world. It’s considered crucial among Edinburgh attractions as it relates the history of surgery dating back to the Roman period. Visitors can view images, artworks and pathology samples. There are important displays detailing recent discoveries.

Edinburgh Writer’s Museum is a must for everyone who loves literature. It’s located in the Old Town and housed in a beautiful building. There are portraits of authors and personal effects such as Walter Scott’s chessboard.

Edinburgh attractions are not just about the old; the city has always shown concern for the ecosystem. In order to teach people about the earth’s fragile state, “Our Dynamic Earth” was created. This strange looking structure sits at the edge of Old Town. Browse through the displays and stay for the interesting chats.

The National Museum of Scotland is the perfect place to learn everything about Scotland’s history and traditions. Visitors can appreciate exhibits dating millions of years. There are displays that present a contemporary Scotland as well. One of them includes an award for the construction of the Scottish Parliament in 2004. Its architecture is said to be an outstanding genius of Celtic and Catalan styles.

Rosslyn Chapel is a place of pilgrimage and a unique medieval structure. It’s said to be the most unusual in the world. It’s not to be missed among Edinburgh attractions. Take time to observe the carvings inside and outside of the church. These inscriptions are parts of manuscripts and biblical writings relating to all religions of the period.

Scottish Industry
Edinburgh attractions include experiencing whisky, cashmere and kilts. Learn about 300 years of history in whisky making, or visit a weaving mill.
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