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Florence, Italy

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Florence Overview

Florence is not only the center of the Italian fashion scene, it’s also a mecca of art and culture. It’s the one place on earth where a large number of artists and scultpturers left their mark in monuments, churches and palaces. Where ever you go in Florence you’ll come across an icon that is sure to mesmerize you.

Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region and the city lies at the edge of the Arno River. It was originally established by Julius Caesar in the year 59 BC as a military settlement. During the main part of the 14th through the 16th centuries the Medici family was the wealthiest and most influential family of Florence. Their love for the arts bolstered the birth of a rich period. For such it’s said that Florence is the place where Italian Renaissance was born. In return for the family’s support, artists graced the city with magnificent creations in art, sculpture and architecture. Most of these treasures can be seen throughout Florence in places like Uffizi, Pitti and Accademia galleries. The Medici family was of such importance to the economic development of the region that their family Crest is seen on many buildings.

Other Florence families of great wealth demonstrated their power by building mansions and basilicas. Of the most renowned are the Romanesque Baptistery and the Duomo. The latter is a great example of Gothic style architecture.

Another side of Florence is its romantic allure. A sunset over the Arno River is not to be missed. Aside from art and architecture you’ll see a new Florence. You’ll see one that bustles with signs of modern life. The avenues that surround the “Old City” show that Florence is now an important business and economic center of Europe.

Florence is home to divine shopping. Stylish boutiques line next to galleries and museums. Leather shops and markets display classic and new designs. Vendors compete for your business by offering bottom prices on clothing and souvenirs. Florence is also home to haute couture outlets. You can buy clothing from the previous season, handbags and shoes carrying names like Gucci and Prada.

Dine on exquisite cuisine while savoring wines from the most famous region in the world. Tuscan wines are unrivaled for quality and flavor. Enjoy fine wines while savoring the traditional gastronomy of Florence. Some of the popular dishes include Florentine steak and tomato stew. In winter you can warm yourself with Ribolitta. This soup is made from bread and every vegetable you can possibly imagine. It’s seasoned with the finest olive oil and served in large bowls. It’s a meal by itself. The southern part of Florence is home to some of the best wineries where delightful Chianti is created. It’s also home to the finest and world renowned olive oil.

Florence is a great place to visit any time of the year. Every trip to Florence is different, no matter what time of year. Every time you visit you'll discover new and wonderful things.

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