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Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt Attractions

Frankfurt is filled with historical and cultural icons for every visitor to explore. Travelers passing through this city can also enjoy the parks and gardens, a vibrant nightlife and strolls through a one-of-a-kind forest in the city.

Cathedrals and Churches

One of the most important Frankfurt attractions is the St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral. This Gothic structure was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. It’s an important historical site where the heads of the Roman Empire were elected. It’s also of importance because it was here where Emperors were crowned between the 1500s and late 1700s.

Saint Paul’s Church is another iconic Frankfurt attraction. It’s a national monument due to its symbolic importance. It was the seat of the first parliament chosen in a democratic election. This event occurred in 1848. It’s no longer used a church but a venue for important exhibits.

Among most visited Frankfurt attractions is the Roemer. Its today’s City Hall. A tour of the upper floor is a must. It was once the banquet area for newly crowned emperors.

Don’t miss a trip to the beautifully renovated Opera House. An important inscription at its entrance states “To the True, the beautiful, the Good.” The original structure was built in 1880 and later rebuilt after World War II.

One must not forget that Frankfurt has been the home of renowned writers. The most famous and important was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He was not only a writer, but also a poet and scientist. A tour of the Goethe House will impress you. It’s here where he was born and worked most of his life.

The Haupwache is an amazing Baroque building from the 1700s. It served once as a prison. Its location at the end of the Zeil makes it an ideal place to visit before an afternoon of serious shopping. Zeil is a main retail street.

Frankfurt attractions include major festivals and museums.

Among the most important festivities in the city is the Museum Riverbank festival. It’s the biggest event of the year and one of the best Frankfurt attractions. All 20 museums situated on the banks of the Main River remain open until late evening hours. Live bands and dance shows entertain visitors. A firework display is seen at closing time.

Among important museums is the Stadel. This is one of the highlights of any visit to Frankfurt. Its collection of art and artifacts spans seven centuries.

The Jewish Museum of Frankfurt is another important Frankfurt attraction. Its displays are a journey through 200 years of history with emphasis on the Holocaust.

The Museum of Applied Arts is also recommended among the most Frankfurt attractions. It’s a fabulous venue boasting more than 30,000 items of decorative art.

With so many interesting museums to choose from, pick what interests you. A good choice includes the Museum of History and the Museum of Art and Culture.

A unique Frankfurt attraction is the city forest. Don’t miss it. It’s another example of why Frankfurt is a fabulous place to visit.
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