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Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt Dining

Frankfurt offers something for every taste. The large number of cultures that have migrated to the city have been an important influence on Frankfurt’s cuisine. Visitors can relax at traditional pubs and enjoy Apfelwein. This tasty apple wine is usually served with hard cheese and a salad with onions, oil and vinegar.

German Cuisine
Dining in Frankfurt is filled with choices for those watching their figure. Diesseits Café is a favorite among this discriminating crowd. The salad dressing is said to be spectacular.

Friedberger Warte is an icon of dining in Frankfurt as well as a great place to visit. This historic watchtower was built in 1478. Its pub boasts one of the best apple wines in the city.

For those looking to have a breakfast of kings, don’t miss Cardammon. Specialties include goose and salmon.

Affentorhauser is the ideal location for regional specialties. Don’t let the rustic décor fool you. The chef prepares mouthwatering specialties like fillet of beef and pork.

The locals know where to eat at reasonable prices. Apfelweinwirtschaft tops their list for dining in Frankfurt. It’s always packed with people looking to savor the renowned Frankfurt Rindwurst. This is an all beef sausage prepared in you guessed it right apple cider.

Great desserts are also a big part of the dining in Frankfurt experience. Café Mozart is the ideal place to enjoy high-calorie treats like Frankfurt Kranz. This is a crown cake filled with light butter cream. The German chocolate cake will also satisfy any sweet tooth.

Tip: Don’t miss the selection of coffees like the Viennese. It’s a delightful combination of strong Expresso, liqueur, milk and cinnamon.

Dining picnic style is also a fun choice. Gebruder Bauer prepares delectable baskets for visitors who want to enjoy a day in the park or the forest.

For varied dining in Frankfurt enjoy the vast selection of international cuisines.

Orfeo’s Erben is an elegant restaurant and a great place for romance. Indian Tandooris head the list of specialties. The prices are somewhat high but the food is well worth it.

If you’re in the mood for Spanish, then head to Andalusia. The large murals that adorn the walls are as colorful as the paella dishes. These are prepared with Saffron rice, chicken, rabbit, sausage and lots of vegetables.

Omonia is an example of traditional Greek cuisine. Its menu is extensive. You can dine on the large list of appetizer options. Don’t miss the moussaka. It’s said to be the best this side of Athens.

For those watching their budget closely there are great options. Pizza Monte Carlo and Armonia are two pubs serving superb pastas and pizzas.

Bodega Dali is also known among locals and visitors for its delightful home-style Italian cooking. The Zuppa Inglesa is a great dessert. Make sure to leave room for it.

Turkish restaurants like Manolya are very popular in Frankfurt. Its décor is as authentic as the exotic flavors of its cuisine.

Come discover Frankfurt. You’ll never want to leave.

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