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Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt Overview

If you’ve chosen Frankfurt for your next vacation, you’ve made a wise decision. Frankfurt is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe, sitting on the banks of the picturesque Main River. It’s one of the largest cities  Germany and is centrally located in the Rhine region. It’s a city of history, culture, fabulous shopping and incomparable festivals

Frankfurt was once the historical site of coronations. It was the home of renowned writers and poets like Goethe. Today, Frankfurt is a crucial financial center in the European continent. It’s home to the world’s most important Stock Exchange. It’s the seat of the Central Bank in charge of setting monetary policy for the Euro region.

Frankfurt has always attracted immigration from different countries. With so many people from such diverse cultures, Frankfurt is known as one of the most hospitable and friendly places to visit.

Frankfurt boasts both old and modern architecture. The vast collection of skyscrapers sets Frankfurt in second place after Paris for outstanding modern construction on the European continent. Of the most renowned skyscrapers is the Commerzbank Tower and Messerturm. The later is the tallest in Europe and the only building in Frankfurt with its own zip code.

The best time to visit Frankfurt is spring, summer or fall. Winters are cold but snowfall is rare. The great weather contributes to the enjoyment of the city’s multiple green venues. There are parks, bicycle paths, a large zoo and impressive botanical gardens.

Frankfurt is home to a large number of museums and galleries. It’s also home to world trade fairs. Most important museums are side by side along the Main River or in the Old part of the city. Most of these venues display artifacts and art dating centuries back. The Museum of Art (Stadel) houses the most important collection in the country. This collection includes items from the 14th century through the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods of history.

One could say that the shops and boutiques along Fussgangerzone are works of art. Each window boasts magnificent décor and great displays of fashion. Frankfurt is an ideal shopping destination. Its array of famous shopping avenues, malls and markets offers visitors innumerable options. You can shop for haute couture, vintage clothing or authentic antiques. You’ll find that Frankfurt toy stores are among the most unique. They’re a child or collector’s dream. They boast handcrafted wooden toys, train sets and other fun games.

Frankfurt’s cuisine has something for every one. Its vast immigration has contributed to a varied gastronomy. You can dine on traditional homemade sausages or on exotic flavors from other nationalities. A must for all visitors is the Apfelwein. This is an apple cider style wine. It comes in dry or sweet forms.

Frankfurt is also known for its efficient transportation system including its underground rail and subway lines built in the 1970s.
The famed Autobahn highway attracts speed fanatics worldwide. Getting around town is relatively easy and inexpensive.


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