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Fuerteventura, Spain

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Fuerteventura Overview

Fuerteventura’s incomparable beauty is attributed to the majestic rock formations and lush greenery that makes it a sought out tourist destination for people from around the globe. Fuerteventura is one of the famed Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Fuerteventura is privileged to have pleasant weather throughout the year. The word Fuerteventura stands for “strong winds.” This only indicates that it’s the ideal place for wind related sports. Fuerteventura is a dream for surfing. It’s best practiced in the western part of the island where the waves are big and bold. Windsurfing is best in Corralejo or the beaches of Sotavento. Wave sailing is popular among locals along the northern part of Fuerteventura.
Travelers will enjoy exploring the different parts of Fuerteventura while enjoying its majestic scenery. The regions of Corralejo to the north and Morro Jable in Jandia enjoy popularity among tourists. They’re known for their selection of duty free shops and exclusive eateries.
In Fuerteventura, you’ll always find exciting activities as well as unique attractions. Some of the impressive sites include fishing villages and landmark homes. Also of exceptional interest are the sand dunes of El Jable, the stretches of white sandy beaches and clear water bays. They'll have everyone raving about their trip to Fuerteventura. 
One of the most iconic landmarks is the Cathedral which was built in 1410. Its Modejar style architecture is reminiscent of times of elegance and opulence. Archaeology buffs can have the rare opportunity of visiting museums that relate the life of the Guanches, a pre-Hispanic civilization. 
Among other venues of historic interest, visitors will enjoy browsing through the Museum of Salt. Its refurbished plant is still in use today. And romantic souls will find their place among the memories of renowned poet Unamuno. Fuerteventura was honored in having such a figure among its residents. The Unamuno Museum exhibits his writings, furnishings and other personal effects collected up until 1924.  
Nature lovers can’t say enough of their vacation experience in Fuerteventura. Apart from superb water and wind related sports, hiking and biking top the charts of favorite adventures. The mountains and natural reserves that compose the island are a photographer’s inspiration.  
Among the best scenic spots are Cuchillo de Vigan and Mount Tindaya. The latter boasts extraordinary rock carvings which explain the history of Fuerteventura’s evolution.
Fuertevetura’s cuisine centers around fresh seafood and indigenous products like goat and goat milk. Apart from enjoying superb cuisine, tourists can dance the night away at the nightclubs and discos on the trendy areas of Fuerteventura.

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