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Fuerteventura, Spain

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Fuerteventura Shopping

Part of the Island’s allure is the vast array of shopping it has to offer. The majority of stores are duty free which means more shopping and better prices for you. You’ll find fabulous buys in fragrances, tobacco, cosmetics, electronics and embroideries. Puerto Del Rosario also boasts a large selection of inexpensive boutiques and souvenir stores.

The markets of Corralejo, Caleta, Morro Jable and Costa Calma boast the greatest opportunities for Fuerteventura shopping. Stalls include fresh produce, sweets, pottery, textiles and even electronics. If you visit the Sunday markets, you’ll have a chance to look through tables filled with estate items. Among these you’ll find authentic antiques. 
Shopping Centers
El Campanario shopping mall is one of the best venues for Fuerteventura shopping. A climb to the Bell Tower will allow you superb vistas of Corralejo. It’s an ideal place for purchasing sporting goods, jewelry and island wears. Specialty shops stock aloe vera products which are known throughout the Canary Islands. The food court offers nice choices for a light lunch or a refreshing drink. 
For another superb choice in Fuerteventura shopping, Las Rotondas is not to be missed. Fashionistas will find this complex to their liking. Names like H & H and Zara to name a few line the parade of fine clothing stores. The mall’s third floor offers up-scale international designers. 
Most locals enjoy the Atlantico Center for Fuerteventura shopping. The shops are somewhat different than those of other centers. One of the specialty boutiques showcases a selection of natural toiletries. Some of the items sold here include sponges from nearby reefs and comfortable cotton clothing. Tropical forest soaps, scented candles and petroleum free skin care products top the list of best sellers.
Specialty Shops
The DUE Boutique is the most acclaimed venue for Fuerteventura shopping. It’s the visitors’ choice for buying jewelry at excellent prices. Pearls and diamonds are set in creative mounts of gold, silver and platinum. The Pacha jewelry collection is said to be among the best of the islands.
Santa Maria Crafts Center is a must for all travelers and the perfect place for Fuerteventura shopping. After a handicrafts demonstration you can step into a large shop. You won’t find a bigger display of aboriginal pottery and textiles anywhere in the Canaries. In the main gallery, tourists may purchase books relating the history and traditions of their civilization. Festivals are held here in the month of June. 
TipIf you’re visiting in summer, don’t miss the quilt making classes or the embroidery tables. You’ll be able to buy delicate hand-made linens, tablecloths and other specialty items.
The Royal Touch is somewhat unusual for Fuerteventura shopping. But here, shoppers will get the rare opportunity to find spices from India, the Orient and the African continent. 
And of course you can’t end your fabulous Fuerteventura shopping experience without purchasing coffee table books. Don’t miss La Casa del Libro where you’ll find examples of photographic talent. Its inspiration is the majestic beauty of the different landscapes that make Fuerteventura what it is today.

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