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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Gothenburg Attractions

Gothenburg is a city best explored on foot.  However, you’ll find that the city’s mass transit system offers a wealth of conveniences with buses, trams and even ferry services.  Getting to all the best attractions couldn’t be easier.

Natural and Fun
If you have to pick one place where you’re children will relish the memories of their trip, it would have to be Liseberg.  It’s not just any amusement park -  it’s one of the top Gothenburg attractions, and the largest theme park in Scandinavia.  It’s home to the biggest wooden roller coaster.  The Balder, as it’s named, was voted among the best in the world. 
If you’re visiting during the winter season, you won’t want to miss the Christmas Market.  It’s the most beloved of Gothenburg attractions inside the park.  It’s a site filled with traditions and fun for the entire family.  Tourists can enjoy carolers, an ice skating rink and Swedish cuisine.

Tip:  Stop by the Ice Bar & Gallery where everything is made from frozen water.  You can enjoy a cocktail while lounging on an ice sofa.  But if you need to warm up after the experience, head out to the gingerbread house for mulled wine and cookies. 

The Botanical Gardens are also among the popular Gothenburg attractions.  They’re a huge natural preserve boasting more than 430 acres of plant species and beautifully landscaped gardens.  You’ll want to take a stroll through the Japanese Valley, the rock garden, the bamboo grove or the herbarium. 

You might want to start your tour of cultural Gothenburg attractions with the Museum of Art.  It houses an amazing collection of paintings from Scandinavia, Italy and France.  Tourists can also see the Dutch and Flemish works on display.  Many of them date back to the 15th century.  Of the important and not to be missed icons is the “Falconer” by Rembrandt.  If you’re interested in Sweden’s history, this is an ideal venue. 

And for sea enthusiasts, Maritima Centrum is a fascinating Gothenburg attraction.  It’s one of the world’s largest ship museums and offers tourists unique exhibits.  Among them are a destroyer, a submarine, a lighthouse ship and a towboat.  You’ll enjoy the fact that you can climb on board any or all of them. 

Historic Landmarks
Don’t miss the beautiful Skansen Kronan fortress.  Its historical importance lies in that it was built in 1641 to keep the Danish at bay.  The top of the tower is shaped like a crown from where you can appreciate magnificent vistas of the city.  Take time to browse through the military museum.  It’s another of the intriguing Gothenburg attractions.

Another of the most recognized Gothenburg attractions is the Sjomanstornet.  This majestic tower was constructed in honor of the marines who died in the First World War.  At the top, visitors can see the statue of the woman by the sea.  It’s one of the city’s icons.

As you walk through the city, you’ll also have an opportunity to see Gothenburg attractions that include stately mansions and churches with impressive architectural styles. 

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