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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Gothenburg Dining

Tourists will be happy to know that this lovely city has close to 600 restaurants.  Many of them are owned and managed by world renowned chefs and several have won coveted awards not to mention Michelin Star recognition. 

When it comes to dining in Gothenburg, seafood reigns supreme.  At a place like Fiskekrogen, tourists can enjoy the best of Swedish gastronomy while dining in a historic landmark.  The restaurant is located in a 300 year old mansion that once belonged to the wealthiest man in Scandinavia.  It was passed on from generation to generation until one day it became the city’s first eatery.  Today it boasts a reputation for serving quality cooking by one of the Country’s top chefs.  Its blue and green décor is made to give guests the idea of being surrounded by the ocean.  The seashell and fish self-serve bar is unmatched.  You can dine by candlelight while savoring gigantic flavorful lobsters or succulent crabs. 

Even the celebrities and musicians who frequent the city relish on dining in Gothenburg.  And they love coming to Svea Hof with its high ranking among world gourmets.  Written up in the Michelin guide, it features an elegant and modern style ambience with outstanding culinary feat.  The steel and glass architecture does not stop guests from feeling cozy and warm.  Of the top favorites to try is the crayfish soup for starters followed by the coastal codfish.  It’s served with pickled cucumber and radish salad.  The fish is topped with a rich sauce creatively prepared with oysters and parsley. 

But if you prefer your elegant surroundings to be complemented by scenic vistas, head straight for Rada Sateri.  The house it’s in was constructed in 1772 and offers an astounding panorama of the lake.  The food is just as fabulous.  You won’t go wrong by ordering the grilled turbot with dilled cucumber, but if you want to go all out don’t miss the lobster with melted butter.  And while sitting at your table, look around and marvel in the gorgeous antiques that ornament the place.  You’ll know you’ve chosen the right spot for dining in Gothenburg. 

If you’re not a seafood enthusiast, you won’t be left out.  There are excellent establishments for dining in Gothenburg known for their mouthwatering steaks.  At the top of the list is A Hereford Beefstouw.  It specializes in Herefort beef from Australia.  You can choose your method of preparation as well as the side dish you wish to pair it with.  You’ll understand why it’s so well liked by the business crowd. 

Tip:  The salad bar is one of the features that attract locals.  The choices are endless. 

A Lingering Effect
Another venue for dining in Gothenburg is Garlic.  Yes, everything here is made with garlic.  Even the décor centers on items relating to this delightful spice.  And the bar offers sublime cocktails made with, you guessed right, garlic.  Try a garlictini and savor specialty meat, chicken and fish dishes.  Don’t miss dessert!   


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