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Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong is a multi-faceted destination with attractions that range from ancient temples to modern cityscapes. One thing is for sure; there’s no other place in the world like Hong Kong.

Among Hong Kong best attractions is Victoria Park. It’s home to the Peak Tower and its unusual wok-like style. It offers the best vistas of the city and the harbor.

Of the oldest and most famous Hong Kong Attractions is Man Mo Temple. It was completed in the 1800s and is a rare example of a combined Taoist and Buddhist temple. A deity from each religion is worshipped side by side inside the altar. The temple’s bell is made of copper and still rings announcing prayer time.

A must among Hong Kong attractions is the Wong Tai Sin Temple. It was modeled after an ancient Chinese palace. It’s an iconic Taoist prayer site. It’s also popular among the locals as the place to have your fortune told. People come from throughout China to ask the deity to punish evildoers and heal the sick.

The Hong Kong coliseum stands out as another icon of unique architecture. Its inverted pyramid was built in 1983. It’s a venue for important events. The absence of pillars allows for all 12,500 seats to enjoy unobstructed views.

Hong Kong is the site of amazing skyscrapers. The Bank of China Tower will make you stop and take notice. This building is a creation of renowned architect I.M. Pei. What’s unique about it are the four glass and aluminum towers shaped as triangles. All four seem to emerge from a granite podium. It’s one of the tallest in the world.

Another one of the most recognized Hong Kong attractions is the Giant Buddha. It’s the tallest bronze statue of a Buddha in existence.

The Hong Kong Space Museum stands out as an important site for space science. Its impressive egg shaped dome sits on the waterfront. It’s known as the first planetarium that made astronomy popular.

Don’t miss Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. It’s not your usual idea of a museum, but still displays figures of important personalities including Jackie Chan.

There are many museums of historical and cultural interest. Among these are the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum of Art.

A tour of the Academy for Performing arts will offer you an insight into the city’s love of theater and music.

Ocean Park is a must for all visitors. It’s a great place to relax and have fun. Its aquarium holds specimens from major oceans throughout the continent.

For a romantic view of Hong Kong Harbor, don’t miss the “Symphony of Lights” show or enjoy an evening cocktail aboard Aberdeen. This floating restaurant will give you first line view of life around the harbor. See the trawlers on which most fishermen live.
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