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Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong Dining

Hong Kong has many excellent restaurants to choose from. Visitors will be presented with a variety of interesting cuisines to choose from including international as well as traditional dishes.

Dining in Hong Kong is seen as very posh. This is reflected in the vast number of elegant and upscale restaurants.

At the top of the critic’s choice is Gaddi’s. It’s located in the Peninsula Hotel, the finest in the world. After 40 years in business, it still serves French traditional cuisine with style. Among the recommended dishes are the milk-fed veal chops slowly roasted or the Scottish lamb. The wine list reads like a who’s who of great vintages.

If you want to dine at another elegant venue, try One Harbor Road. It’s housed in a re-created Taipan Mansion of the 1930s. The terrace offers magnificent views of Hong Kong. The restaurant’s chef specializes in Cantonese delicacies like fried birds’ nest on eggs, shark fin and abalone with oyster mélange.

Yu at the Regent Hotel is another landmark for dining in Hong Kong.
It’s ideal for fresh seafood. Large fish tanks adorn the restaurant. These fish tanks contain large ocean reef specimens. It’s a must see. Don’t miss the Boston lobster in Cuban style bean sauce or the mussels flown in from New Zealand.

At the top of the new Peninsula Hotel tower you’ll find another gem of fine dining. It’s the acclaimed Felix. Asian-Pacific rim gastronomy is the flavor of this unique place. The décor boasts a stylish zinc cylinder that houses a decadent wine bar. The Salmon in miso sauce is a favorite.

Tip: You can dine at Felix without paying the high prices. Just make reservations for anytime before 7:00 p.m. and you’ll enjoy a great meal for less.

No self-respecting food critic should miss Café Deco at the Peak. Its cuisine is varied to say the least. You’ll find Indian as well as Japanese and Mexican dishes on the menu. However, everything you taste is fabulous. Try the Curry flavored duck.

You can also have casual dining in Hong Kong and savor great food.
A must for all visitors is Hutong. It’s panoramic vistas of the city make the long wait for a table worthwhile. The best of the house include soft shell crabs and pig’s throat prepared in a cilantro mix. It sounds somewhat non-appetizing but it’s the rave of everyone who’s tried it.

For fabulous Chinese cuisine, visit Palate. They’re known for the fresh salmon cooked in miso sauce.

And of course, you can’t enjoy dining in Hong Kong without sampling the best dim sum, and Maxim’s Place is it. Don’t let the simple red and gold décor fool you. They serve the best Chinese traditional cuisine.

Other popular cuisines among visitors are the Vietnamese and Thai. Thai Basil offers a combination of both as well as home-style cooking.
The Vietnamese style noodle soup is top on the list of preferred dishes.

In Hong Kong, you can choose a different restaurant every day of the year.

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