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Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong Overview

Hong Kong can be described as a city of superlatives. It’s one of the most amazing and unique destinations in the world to visit. The city enjoys a reputation for being a major cultural hub as well as a leading financial capital. You could spend the week shopping and still not see all of the malls and boutiques it offers. The same can be said of its wide selection of international restaurants. This city is definitely a must for travelers.

Hong Kong is located in China’s south coast opposite the Pearl River delta. It began as a trading port that one-day became part of the United Kingdom. In 1997 it once again became part of the People’s Republic of China. However, it still maintains its autonomy and governs itself.

Hong Kong literally means “fragrant harbor.” It derives its name from the scents that came from incense grown to the north. The incense was stored in crates giving the harbor a great aroma. With a huge concentration of corporate head offices, it’s also known as one of the “four Asian tigers.”

Despite the fact that it’s the most populated area in the world, it still maintains large green areas. The best time to visit is spring, autumn or winter. Summers are hot and prone to rain.

Hong Kong is a place of contradictions. Modern advancement and rapid growth has not changed the fact that the Chinese are superstitious. Most executives today still consult Feng Shui experts in the art of decorating and creating major developments. They believe that the wrong décor or set up can make or break a business.

Hong Kong is also home to famous Hollywood actors. Of the most renowned are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-Fat. Films produced here like Internal Affairs and Rumble in the Bronx have also gained international fame.

Hong Kong is a world acclaimed cultural center. It’s the home of Cantopop, a Chinese music with influences of jazz, rock and blues.
Important institutions are maintained with aid from the government. Among these are the Museum of Art, the Heritage Museum, the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Academy for Performing Arts.

Getting around is easy and different. There are escalators and sections with moving pavement. You’ll also find the longest covered escalator in the world. If you’re visiting the harbor, you can travel on one of the oldest ferry systems. It’s been around for over one century. Vertical transport is also offered for traveling the hills. You can go up and down using the Peak Tram.

Hong Kong attractions are sure to please everyone. You can visit ancient monuments while taking in the sites of breathtaking modern architecture. You can visit temples and have your fortune read or sit at the top of one of the finest hotels and admire the view.

Words can’t describe the large selection of shopping venues. There are probably as many stores as there are people. You won’t go home empty handed. Hong Kong will leave you mesmerized.

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