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More Destinations in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem Attractions

Jerusalem is comprised of white stone buildings and fabulous vistas of the ancient city.  At sunset it’s said to be a magical place.  You’ll find plenty of ancient and historic sites to visit.

Icons and Landmarks
One of the iconic Jerusalem attractions is the Dome on the Rock.  This golden structure is an artistic Islamic symbol built in 691.  It holds a special significance in Judaism as it’s the place where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son.  It’s also important in the Muslim faith as it’s said to be the spot from where the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven.  The downstairs area known as the well of souls is the site where Abraham, David, Solomon and Jesus are believed to have prayed together.

While you’re touring, you’ll want to see the Holy Sepulcre.  It’s one of the most important Christian landmarks and Jerusalem attractions.  It houses the site of the tomb of Christ as well as several important chapels.

You’ll also want to include The Basilica of the Agony of the Lord in your list of Jerusalem attractions.  It’s here where historians say Jesus prayed prior to being arrested.  The olive trees that sit in the courtyard grew from roots 2,000 years old. 

Take a walk down the Via Dolorosa.  It’s among the Jerusalem attractions frequented by believers who come each year to Israel to follow in the footsteps of Christ.  It shows the 14 stations on Jesus’ journey from when he was arrested through crucifixion and resurrection. 

Amidst crucial Jerusalem attractions for Muslims is the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  It was built in 715 AD and it’s Islam’s third holiest structure after Mecca and Medina.  Its south side faces toward Mecca.  Its design and works of art are a must see.   

The Cenacle celebrates Jesus’ Last Supper as well as the coming of the Holy Spirit.  It’s one of the outmost impressive Jerusalem attractions built by the Franciscan Order in 1335 A.D.  It later went on to become a mosque.  In the same building tourists can also see King David’s tomb, shrine and synagogue. 

Perhaps you haven’t thought of visiting a courthouse, but the Supreme Court of Israel is an impressive Jerusalem attraction.  Its architectural design brings together the old with the new with Biblical themes incorporated in the construction.  The ideals of Law and Truth are represented by the manner in which lines and curves are positioned.  Tourists can enjoy tours and court sessions. 

Of the most visited and revered Jerusalem attractions, is Yad Vashem.  It’s Israel’s memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and features stories of families and individuals.  The museum holds the largest library filled with information relating everything about this dark period. 

Tip:  Don’t miss the section of “The Righteous among the Nations.”  This title was conferred upon non-Jewish persons who took great risks to aid the Jews who were victims to the Nazis. 

The Wohl Museum of Archaeology is a unique site positioned three meters below the street’s level.  The excavated houses and mosaics take you back to the time of the second Temple. 

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