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Key West, Florida, USA

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Key West Shopping

The Key West Conch Traders is essentially a giant gift/souvenir shop that has infused the culture of the Keys into all of its products. There is a huge collection of local art, key lime products and Key West specialties like ornaments, juices and stickers. If you visit Key West and need to bring odds and ends back to friends and family, this is where you need to stop to find something for all of them.

Sloppy Joe’s is not an ordinary gift shop at all. They have an extensive collection t-shirts that is almost overwhelming, not to mention the hats and other clothing accessories that bring a smile to your face because everyone leaves with the perfect shirt for them. A trip to Key West isn’t complete without getting some glassware and party supplies, so this is a great place to find a set of shot glasses or holiday ornaments, depending on what sort of party you plan on having.

The Original Key West Cigar Factory sells premium cigars and has a large, loyal following. With a lengthy history of ups and downs, it has lasted the test of time and remains the foremost authority on cigars in the Key West area, selling their own blends of tobacco and cigars. Also, it is important to note that they are firmly against smoking for youth under the age of 21, and enforce it not only at the counter, but even on their website. They are doing their part to ethically provide a great product, so if you smoke cigars you should do your part and treat yourself to a visit to this incredible establishment.

Whitfield Jack Jewelry Genius is an establishment selling jewelry that has a very unique style, showing off the culture of Key West by using top quality materials and original designs. They design the jewelry and produce their products, and their knowledge is evident when talking to them about a purchase. All designs are available in 14k or 18k gold to meet the various desires of shoppers. The jewelry is made with a passion and sold with a passion, so now it’s your turn to wear it with a passion.

Baby’s Coffee is a premium roaster of gourmet coffee’s, using beans from over 23 countries to make the finest coffee possible with the richest and boldest flavors. They ship, so you can have their products sent to your home, but definitely make sure to visit the store because capturing the aroma will make you wish you worked there all day long. With a variety of regular and decaf roasts, there is also a selection of special Key West roasts so you can bring home a taste of the island.

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