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Krakow, Poland

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Krakow Attractions

Krakow attractions are sure to leave you mesmerized.  They’re said to be among the most impressive in Europe, including some incredible museums, galleries and famous landmarks.  Take time to explore and see it all for yourself. 

Historic Landmarks
A must among the Krakow attractions is the Wawel Royal Castle.  It was once the home to three monarchy dynasties.  Take time to see the art and furnishings as well as the treasures of the Crown.  Don’t miss a trip down the catacombs to the cave that supposedly houses Krakow’s dragon.   

Continue on to the Wawel Cathedral.  It’s perhaps one of the most attractive Krakow attractions.  The cathedral comprises eighteen churches, each more splendorous than the other.  While touring them, you’ll come across a bell designed in 1520 said to be the world’s largest.  You’ll also find it interesting to know that Wawel was the place where all monarchs were coronated and it’s now a resting ground of kings, national heroes and scholars. 

Another Krakow attraction not to be missed is the Basilica of the Virgin Mary.  Its gothic style architecture is sublime.  And the fact that it houses one the world’s most amazing works of art will confirm what you already know - that Krakow is certainly a unique place to visit.  The masterpiece found inside is the work of Veit Stoss.  It consists of an altar piece three stories tall.  It features two hundred sculptures in magnificent colors and gold leaf. 

You’ll also want to walk around the medieval section of the city and see what remains of the thirty nine towers and eight gates that were erected in the 13th century.  Fortunately, tourists can still view the beautiful portion of the Brama Florianska gate as well as three other structures.  There are famous Krakow attractions like remains from the big city walls and a magnificent edifice known as a “barbican.”  It’s somewhat round shaped and said to be a feat of military ingenuity.  The sections that were destroyed gave way to the creation of breathtaking gardens landscaped in a variety of styles.  These 52 acres of luscious greenery are called the Planty Garden Ring and are part of the most visited Krakow attractions. 

If you need to take a break while visiting the Krakow attractions, head straight to the Grand Square.  It’s also recognized as the largest plaza of Medieval Europe boasting an array of landmarks.  It has served as the city’s center since the 13th century.  In the middle of it travelers can observe the Town Hall Tower with its special clock installed in 1524.  If you see that the building tips over, it’s because it really does.  You’re not under the effects of Polish vodka.  

There are many outstanding museums on the list of Krakow attractions.  But if you want to see Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned “Lady with an Ermine” painting, go to the Czartoryskis Museum in the Old Town.  There you’ll also find works by Rembrandt, antiquities of several ancient civilizations and European crafts. 

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