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Krakow, Poland

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Krakow Dining

The gastronomy of Poland has been flavored by customs and traditions from all around Europe.  But at the heart of the cuisine is home-style cooking with staples like Kielbasa sausage, pierogis (potato or cheese filled dumplings) and delectable soups.  This doesn’t mean you won’t find gourmet restaurants.  On the contrary - dining in Krakow is part of the city’s legendary allure. 

A fine example of elegant venues for dining in Krakow is Florianska.  It’s housed in a historical landmark that dates back from the 16th century.  It has a wonderful atmosphere for a romantic dinner, a special occasion, or a high powered business meeting.  The chef follows Polish culinary traditions and offers authentic recipes with a flare.  The selection of starters is impressive and features favorites like pickled beets with spiced herring.  On the soup list is Krakow’s popular Zurek which is made from fermented rye or buckwheat and served with an array of options.  You can add bacon, sausage or a hard boiled egg.  For a main course, you’ll have a hard time choosing between the wild boar, the fish in sweet chili or the filet of sole.  They all smell sublime as they pass by your table.  Do make sure to leave room for the heavenly tarts, made with locally grown apples. 

Bring your appetite to Mieszczanka Restaurant.  The portions are gigantic, a custom that goes back to Polish aristocracy from the 17th century.  You’ll feel comfortable amidst the warm and friendly ambience.  The décor is understated and the food is fabulous.  This is the ideal place to try pickled ham or wild game.  Everything is fresh and prepared to your specifications.

You don’t have to head for the airport if you crave the taste of food from another country.  Among the most frequented establishments for dining in Krakow is the Russian Kalinka.  When you walk inside, you’ll find yourself submerged in authentic Russian décor.  And the fare is just as original.  There’s a live show and background music to make your evening a pleasant experience.  Treat yourself to caviar and vodka. 

If you walk down the center of Old Town, you’ll come across Miod Malina Restaurant.  It’s among the best spots for dining in Krakow.  You’ll know as soon as you see the crowds.  But once you’re seated at your table, you’ll find the ambience to be relaxed and delightful.  The interior design is filled with paintings, a fire place and colorful walls, which definitely add to the place’s character.  The food ranges from Polish to contemporary European.  Start off with melted gorgonzola cheese on toasted French bread or fried potato pancakes.  For a main course you’ll want to taste the roasted pork served with sauerkraut steamed in dark beer. 

Tip:  If you’re not a pork eater, you can choose among stewed veal, duck or beef dishes as well as many vegetarian treats.


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