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Krakow, Poland

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Krakow Overview

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to live in a palace, or explore the sites where legends are supposed to have taken place, then consider a trip to Krakow.  This astonishingly beautiful Polish town boasts perhaps one of the richest historical heritages of any city in Europe.  And without hesitation, Krakow is a Mecca of culture with impressive architecture and artistic talent.  The collections found in museums and galleries are said to be among the best in the world. 
Previously designated as a World Heritage site, Krakow also boasts a modern facade.  Visitors will be impressed by the array of shopping venues and fine dining opportunities available at this popular destination.

Krakow has attracted famous politicians as well as writers, painters and sculptors from all over.  They have all come to discover the legacy represented in the city’s attractions.  Krakow has received many nicknames throughout the times including “Athens of the North” and “the second Rome.”  This will give you an idea as to the beauty of its landmarks and icons.  But the best way to find out is by making Krakow your next vacation destination. 

You can arrive at the Balice Airport which offers connections with major cities around the continent, or you can get to Krakow by train.  Once in Krakow, you don’t have to concern yourself with transportation as Krakow enjoys a modern transportation system. Still, many will agree that touring the city is best on foot, or bicycle, depending on how fit you are. 

Once you arrive, you must walk around and sit at a café.  It is said that Krakow gave birth to the café scene in Europe.  Watch the people go by or sit where Lenin once sipped on Espresso while plotting the revolution.  Take a cruise down the banks of the Vistula River and spend time exploring a castle.  Visit the cave where the infamous dragon “lives.”  Wait for the horn call and feed the pigeons.  Walk around the different neighborhoods.  Among the most interesting sections is Nowa Huta, a traditional communist hub or Kazimierz, which is the Jewish center.  Browse through galleries and museums.  Walk into old churches and synagogues displaying unique relics and artifacts.  Attend a concert, a theatrical production or enjoy the many festivals that take place every year. 

Do take time to shop as well.  Krakow has the oldest shopping center in the world, as well as and array of modern establishments.  In Krakow, tourists can purchase beautiful amber jewelry, handicrafts, carved wood, leather goods and locally made lace and cloth.  Krakow also produces specialty liqueurs and fine vodkas.  You’ll find that the streets of the Old Town as well as those of Florianka, Grodzka and Szewska are packed with boutiques.  And for those who love to find bargains, Krakow still maintains its tradition of weekend flea markets. 

In Krakow, you can dine on home style cooking, eat gourmet cuisine or eat out of a kielbasa van.  You’ll find the Polish gastronomy to be a combination of European cultures, and overall is quite delightful in taste. 


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