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Laguna Beach, California, USA

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Laguna Beach Overview

If you want to visit a destination that boasts an incredibly vibrant art scene, where the Pacific Ocean serves as a backdrop to breathtaking canyons and coves, and where famous festivals take place, then Laguna Beach, California is the place for you.

From the coziness of quaint bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts, and from a renowned museum to scenic parks, this world-class beach resort offers it all.  And whether visiting for a week or staying a short while, tourists will find that Laguna Beach is the perfect choice to relax. 

Laguna Beach, located in Southern California, featuresan amazing cultural life with a staggering number of galleries and year-round theater and concert events.  In fact, the arts are said to be as important to the city as gambling is to Las Vegas.  The Museum of Art for instance houses the largest collection of works by California’s established as well as promising talent.  And when visiting the art venues, tourists can enjoy the free shuttle service. 

Laguna Beach hosts the Sawdust Arts Festival attracting collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.  Since, 1966, it has accomplished its mission to show the city’s best arts and crafts. 

Laguna Beach’s theater locations are intimate yet appealing.  From drama to comedy, they offer ongoing shows so travelers don’t have to worry about their trip coinciding with scheduled performances. 

Laguna Beach also boasts unique historical landmarks like the Murphy Smith Bungalow.  It’s one of the only remaining homes from the early 1900s.  Its display of period artifacts and exemplary architecture are testimony to the area’s past. 

Nature enthusiasts will also find Laguna Beach inspiring.  It’s home to an impressive selection of awareness raising venues.  These focus on the concerns for preserving the environment, preventing the extinction of endangered fauna and flora and for maintaining old traditions alive.  There are ecological reserves, gardens and other places where to enjoy it all.  Additionally, in Laguna Beach, tourists have the rare opportunity of watching different species of whales and dolphins as they make their way through the waters off the coast.   

Aside from nature and art viewing, out-of-towners can enjoy a round of golf at challenging putting greens.  Or they can opt for a tour of a winery and sample the finest of California wines.  With the excellent temperatures year round, everyone can take advantage of the California lifestyle.

But no visitor should leave without experiencing the true pampering of a spa.  The area’s establishments boast the finest treatments and state-of-the-art therapies.

Laguna Beach is home to some of the best restaurants in California.  They not only offer the best cuisine, but also an amazing scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and canyons.  Menus feature fresh seafood and shellfish with specialties like lobster and swordfish.  Health buffs will be interested to know that organic produce is another positive feature of California’s gastronomy.   


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