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Lima, Peru

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Lima Dining

Dining in Lima is as much a social occasion as it is about eating.  It’s the time when family and friends gather to spend time together, and since the people of Lima are so friendly, don’t be surprised if they treat you like a member of the family when you join them for a meal. 

If you’re looking for an elegant place for dining in Lima, you should check out Astrid & Gaston.  This husband and wife team brings their talents to the table with creations of Creole and French cuisine.  The menu features gourmet delights like kid goat, Argentinean beef, black mussels and the most popular dish the duck with risotto. 

Tip:  Astrid is from Germany and prepares amazing desserts.  She uses European recipes and incorporates endemic fruits to Peru like lucuma and cherimoya when making her decadent pastries.  Try one or try them all. 

And if you want opulence combined with folklore for dining in Lima, El Salto del Fraile (jump of the monk) will certainly please you.  This restaurant was born from a legend that relates the story of a monk who jumped off a cliff when his lover failed to show up.  If you want spectacular views, this is the place.  And if you’re craving astounding gastronomy, you’re also in the right spot.  Everything that comes out of the kitchen is superb, but the lobster flambéed in cognac is divine. 

If you’re wondering where the chic and trendy of Lima dine, the answer is La Gloria.  It’s the site to see and be seen and where you’ll find that business people come to enjoy dining in Lima.  The luxurious atmosphere complements the quality of the Catalan cooking featured here.  One of the signature entrees is the steamed fish in white wine and herbs.  Take time to enjoy the art work and don’t worry about the prices.  They’re somewhat reasonable for an upscale venue.

When you think of a Chinese restaurant, you picture red walls and gold lanterns.  But Kuo Wha Gardens merits a visit.  It’s the oldest Chinese restaurant in Lima and it’s conveniently located near the Inca Market.  Aside from the exquisite dim sum, it serves a unique type of Asian fare with fusions of Creole flavors.  But you’ll want to enjoy the astounding surroundings.  There’s a courtyard garden with a pond filled with Koi fish.  Next to it you’ll view small hills, waterfalls and statuary.  If you’re in the area at noon-time, stop in for a magnificent lunch buffet.

If you like “different” for dining in Lima, you’ll also appreciate Zeno Manue with its distinct Creole food.  The long list of dishes includes wonderful ceviches (fish marined in lime juice), meat brochettes and of course meringue desserts.  But you can’t enjoy the meal without a pisco sour cocktail (white grape spirits, lemon juice, sugar and secret spices). 

La Hamaca is housed in a mansion, but boasts a relaxed and warm atmosphere.  It’s the perfect establishment for home style Peruvian cooking and hearty portions of spicy chicken with tacu (rice with beans). 


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