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Lima, Peru

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Lima Overview

If you’re planning a trip to South America, get started with Lima, the capital of Peru.  Nicknamed “the city of kings,” Lima lives up to its reputation.  It reigns supreme for its gastronomy and its shopping scene.  It mesmerizes with its multi-faceted architecture and impresses with its unique World Heritage sites.

Even though Lima is located in the tropics, tourists still enjoy its moderate and delightful climate.  It makes the entire year ideal for sightseeing and the summers are suitable for spending some time at the beach. 

If you’re wondering what this Latin American city has in terms of culture, you’ll be astounded at all it has to offer.  Lima is home to a vast range of theaters offering everything from comedy to Asian themed drama.  In Lima, there are always events of some sort going on.  There are wine harvests and International Fairs that attract visitors from all around the globe.  There are bullfighting celebrations and the biggest of all, the Lord of the Miracles festival.  It pays homage to the Patron Saint of Lima with street parades and floats displaying ornate altars. 

Lima has the most museums in Peru.  They showcase Inca artifacts that represent Peru’s stature as the home to one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world.  Among the most visited in Lima is the Museum of the Republic, with exhibits from before and after the date of independence.  The National Museum is also a must see with the collection of replicas.
The fact that Lima also makes part of a rich pre-Columbian history is interesting for tourists.  Lima features more than thirty archaeological sites for anyone to see.  This in itself is fascinating.
With the different periods of history, cultures and immigration into the city, Lima boasts magnificent architecture.  Visitors can see the influences of early colonial times in landmarks like the Monastery of San Francisco or the Cathedral of Lima.  These are exemplary icons of baroque and neoclassical designs.  After the country’s independence, Art Nouveau with French nuances became the norm. 

And to take a break from the splendor of the attractions, Lima is excellent for relaxing on the beach.  If you travel to the north or south ends of town, you’ll come across white powder, soft beaches, and a few that are ideal for surfers. 

You can also visit the great selection of shopping centers and local markets that sell exquisite handicrafts from across the country.  You can pick up a deal on silver, alpaca sweaters, textiles, pottery and more.     

Once you’ve tasted the local cuisine for yourself, you’ll understand why Lima’s gastronomy is considered some of the best in all of Latin America.  The cuisine of Peru has won acclaims for quality and diversity and is featured in the Guinness book of world records.  Lima is usually referred to as “The Gastronomical capital of the Americas.”  It’s characterized by flavors from Spain, the Andes and Asia.   

Lima’s rich past has shaped it into what it is today.  As a traveler, you’ll want to discover what makes it one of the continent’s best vacation destinations. 


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