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Lima, Peru

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Lima Shopping

In Lima, you’ll be able to purchase handicrafts from all regions of Peru.  You can also shop for high end fashion and have a fun time finding bargains in the markets. 

Shopping Centers
The two storied Jockey Plaza is a shopper’s delight.  It’s a great place if you’re looking for trendy and upscale stores.  There are 200 of them and most feature European labels like Dior and Louis Vuitton.  There are other American brands that are just as popular but cost less.  If you’re a shoe fanatic, you’ll find that the selection of footwear boutiques is impressive.  There are also reasonably priced eateries where you can take a break and enjoy a meal.  There's even a bowling alley, as well as movie gallery, for those who don’t cherish the idea of spending the day in Lima shopping.

For another superb place to continue with your Lima shopping, the Centro Comercial Larcomar is ideal.  You won’t only enjoy your Lima shopping, but you’ll marvel in the scenery of the ocean.  You can spend the day visiting the slew of stores, take a stroll through the park or have a snack at any of the restaurants. 

Tip:  If you choose to dine at the Hard Rock Café, make a reservation and ask for a table by the window so that you can enjoy the view of the ocean. 

If you’re looking to buy traditional Peruvian items, the Artisan’s Market should be tops on your schedule for Lima shopping.  It offers quality souvenirs at inexpensive prices.  Visitors can purchase alpaca sweaters, jewelry, leather works, silver filigrees, colonial paintings and more. 

The Inca Market should also be on your priority list for Lima shopping.  Even if you’re not buying something, you’ll want to see the replicated statue of the Lance of Chavin de Huantar.  This religious figure symbolized fertility in the Chavin culture which existed 1,500 years before Christ.  The market showcases forty stalls of silverware, ceramics, alpaca knits and paintings from around the country to name but a few. 

Specialty Shops
While Lima shopping, you’ll also want to spend time browsing through the smaller and quaint boutiques.  They’re haunts for treasures and one-of-a-kind items.  El Inca for instance is ideal for obtaining all sorts of religious artifacts. 

If you’re a music lover, make a beeline for Palco for more Lima shopping.  This amazing venue houses over 6,000 albums of classical music, jazz and opera.  You can listen to anything you choose prior to paying for it.  There’s also an array of magazines and catalogs in the event you don’t see what you want and wish to place an order. 

You’re Lima shopping won’t be complete if you like to read and haven’t stopped by the World Book Centre.  It carries the largest selection of magazines in the Nation.  And if you enjoy subjects relating to philosophy and politics or the latest novels, this place will suit your needs. 


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