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Long Beach, California, USA

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Long Beach Attractions

Long Beach is the place where celebrities come to play and enjoy the attractions.  With so many great options, it’s no wonder visitors return year after year.

An Icon
Everyone who visits Long Beach makes a beeline for the most popular of Long Beach attractions.  We’re referring to the RMS Queen Mary.  This beautiful cruise ship was built in 1936 in art deco style.  It measures 200 feet more in length than the Titanic and was said to be the fastest in the 1930s.  Its most outstanding feature apart from the elegance of its interior is the array of rich woods used for the wall panels.  It has been docked permanently in Long Beach since 1967.  At that time it was turned into a luxury hotel and a museum.  Take a stroll on the decks and travel back in history to a time of opulent Balls, decadent banquets and adventure-filled journeys. 

Tip:  Make time to stop at the gift shop.  It’s a great opportunity to purchase a book detailing the vessel’s history.  And perhaps you’ll pick up a memento of your visit. 

Historical Landmarks
Long Beach was settled by the Spaniards and sold to cattle ranchers.  Among the lands that were sold were two important ranches.  The first is Ranchos Los Cerritos.  It has 27,000 acres and features a two story colonial style home.  The house was built in 1844 and is surrounded by large magnificent trees planted in the mid 19th century.   Today it’s a must see among the list of Long Beach attractions.  It boasts an interesting museum where visitors can get an insight into the history of the region.   

The second ranch that every visitor ought to see among Long Beach attractions is Rancho Los Alamitos.  Tourists enjoy the beauty of this well designed ranch especially because it was built 1500 years ago.    The adobe house that sits in the center of the property was completed in the year 1800.  The site also comprises a group of agricultural buildings, a farm and a blacksmith.  Children can enjoy feeding and petting the animals in the barn. 

Another icon among Long Beach attractions is the Aquarium of the Pacific.  It showcases 12,500 animals and more than 500 species.  The main focus is on the Pacific Ocean environment, although there are exhibits with other marine life.  There’s a shark lagoon and a forest for everyone to appreciate the interesting Lorikeet birds.  The park has received numerous awards and mentions for its unique list of programs and research advances.  It’s the ideal place for the entire family. 

Another fabulous place to visit among the impressive Long Beach attractions is El Dorado Nature Center.  Amidst 85 acres of forests, streams, lakes and lush vegetation tourists can observe the variety of wildlife including foxes, turtles and birds.  The preserve offers tours of all types including inter-active demonstrations.  Everyone can learn about North American mammals or about the history of southern California’s first inhabitants.  It’s quite interesting and the area is ideal for a picnic. 

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