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Long Beach, California, USA

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Long Beach Overview

Long Beach is the ideal destination to enjoy world-class events like the Grand Prix, sailing regattas, and collector’s weekends.  But it’s also a great venue to enjoy a lively cultural scene, amazing dining and outstanding shopping.

Long Beach, located just south of Los Angeles, has become such a popular place that Hollywood has chosen it as a prime location for many major films.  And with its moderate climate, tourists can choose any time of the year to visit.  Best of all, there’s always a major event no matter what season it is.  The Formula One Race for example takes place in April.  And soon thereafter it hosts the only match race regatta in the United States. 

The city has been the site of the California bicycle race “finish line.” After competitors pedal through 650 miles of scenic routes, they come to relax and enjoy the city.  Local bars hold parties and celebrations adding to an already vibrant and exciting night life.

When it comes to cultural events, there’s never a shortage of concerts or performances.  The Symphony Orchestra offers everything from pop to classical music.  The Opera Company is the oldest professional group entertaining throughout several counties in the state.  The city is also host to music festivals like Reggae, Cajun and Zydeco.  And you’re not as far from Broadway as you think.  Long Beach boasts the largest theatrical productions with shows that rival in popularity those of New York.  For those who love drama, the Globe of America onboard the Queen Mary is ideal.  It presents Shakespeare plays on a regular basis.  Boredom is not something you’ll experience.

Long Beach is known for its street art.  The city’s cultural programs have aided local talent into expressing themselves while beautifying the sites.  Visitors can enjoy murals throughout the streets.  The largest was painted by Whyland and is known as Planet Ocean.  It covers 122,000 square feet and was made from 7,000 gallons of paint.  The shops and galleries of the East Village are a Mecca for art lovers.  They hold monthly exhibits and sell their works at affordable prices. 

Long Beach’s origins date to when the first Spanish settlers sold its lands to cattle ranchers.  They were responsible for the city’s development.  After the discovery of oil, prosperity came fast and it became an important part of the southwest.  It gained much of its reputation when Howard Hughes displayed his creation, the Spruce Goose.  Afterward, Long Beach became the location of four major Olympic events.

Long Beach has even become the ideal place for romantics.  It’s one of the seven places in the world where travelers can enjoy a gondola ride.  And with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, restaurants boast intimate surroundings and magnificent vistas.  The gastronomy is one of the best on the west coast featuring freshly caught seafood as well as imported delicacies from around the globe.  

Long Beach is world class complemented by beautiful scenery. 


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