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Long Beach, California, USA

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Long Beach Shopping

When you visit a new city, you don’t always know what to expect.  But in Long Beach, you can rest assured you’ll have incredible opportunities to buy anything you desire.  There are large malls, huge flea markets, and amazing antiques’ events with dealers from all around the country.

Shopping Centers
Not too many people walk out of the Lakewood Center without a bag in their hands.  With 270 stores, there’s every possibility that travelers will find great buys in clothing, accessories or home décor.  There are large department stores including Macy’s, Mervyn’s and Target.  They stock everything you can possibly imagine and are constantly offering great discount sales.  This incredible venue is also the home to the first Costco in Southern California.  That means you’ll have more chances to purchase items at superb prices.  And if you’re in need of a break before continuing with your Long Beach shopping, there are thirty restaurants to choose from.   

Another fabulous location to engage in more Long Beach shopping is the Shoreline Village.  This waterfront shopping center overlooks Rainbow Harbor and is close to main attractions.  Its architecture is a must see.  It was built in the same style as a Cape Cod fishing village.  It’s the ideal place to spend the day with a special someone or bring the family along.  There are specialty shops, seafood restaurants, sunset cruises and a lighthouse from where you can experience exceptional panoramic vistas of the Pacific.     

Antiques and More Antiques
If you enjoy browsing or shopping for antiques, you won’t want to miss the Americana Enterprises.  This huge flea market ranks among the top ten in the United States.  It’s the most fabulous place for Long Beach shopping.  It houses more than 800 dealers with enormous selections of period furnishings, jewelry, home decorations, estate pieces and more.  They open the third Sunday of every month and the venue is usually packed.   

Another outstanding event is the Long Beach Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Convention.  This event takes place three times a year and brings visitors from around the globe.  There are usually more than 10,000 dealers so you can just imagine the array of treasures you can buy. 

If you want to look at jewelry while Long Beach shopping, Mood Swings is the ideal place to go.  It will get you into a really good mood.  They carry a great selection of 14 to 24kt gold pieces as well as hand crafted sterling silver.  The store’s Parisian style décor gives you the feel that you’re shopping in the trendiest shop of the Champs-Elysees.  And don’t miss the line of vintage jewels.  They’re true gems. 

Fine Purchases
With the lovely weather, gentlemen enjoy sitting in the courtyards with a fine cigar.  That’s why Joer’s Churchill’s Fine Cigars has the best variety in the State for Long Beach shopping.  The large humidor showcases hand-rolled Dominicans and Portuguese tobacco.  And if you’re in need of accessories they stock a good selection of name brands. 


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