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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Los Angeles Overview

Los Angeles, the mystical city of sun and celebrities, offers vacationers so much more than meets the untrained eye. Uncle Jed had no idea where he was headed when he packed up the family wagon and headed to Beverly…Hills that is. Don’t get us wrong, the sun and celebrities are well worth the trip…in fact, we recommend you drive the along Pacific Coast Highway in your convertible rental car, where your blowing hair will add to the scenic tour of the LA shoreline. Slow down enough to see blonde beach bodies walking along Venice Beach boardwalk, hoards of paparazzi following the latest celebutant, and gigantic homes of the rich and famous spotted along the ocean-side cliffs of Malibu and Santa Monica.

While it can’t compete with the sophistication associated with Paris, Rome and London, the allure for the city of Los Angeles may be in the fame, prestige, and glamour that reside here. Head inland, where you’ll hardly notice the smog in the illustrious suburbs of Hollywood, Brentwood, Bel Air, and Westwood. Everything you’ll experience here has a heightened sense of perfection, and an energy that electrifies even the most relaxed travelers.

This City of Angels is where fantasy and reality are blurred; with little difference between what is real and what is made to look real, from movie sets to the Los Angeles face lift. A visit here may give you a lift in spirit, if not the urge to augment a few physical features. Can’t find a souvenir that sums up your stay? Hey, there’s always a little Botox, or maybe a visit to Dr. 90210 on your way out of town. Why not? It’s LA, baby. Everyone’s doing it.

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